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Dear RI 4-H volunteers and members past and present,

The National 4-H History Preservation Team is launching a 4-H Voices History Project.  The purpose of the project is to capture – in audio, video and/or written form – the remembrances of past 4-H members, volunteers, staff and supporters.  The project is timed to correspond with the  100 year celebration of the Smith-Lever Act in 2014.

I have agreed to head up the project in RI.  As some of you know I have been interested in the history of 4-H in RI and see it as an opportunity for Alumni to come together and share their experiences with fellow 4-Hers.  It is a chance to capture some of the organizational and personal history of 4-H right here in RI.

I have information that a forerunner of the current 4-H program was established as the Rhode Island Nature Guards in 1899!!! (under the leadership of A.E. Stene, Director of Extension at URI)

I am hoping to find several volunteers to assist with the project – we will have some training, develop a list of potential interviewees, set up appointments and record interviews.

If  you are interested in the project, please send me an email at:

Virginia Gobeli

Also,If you have suggestions of people to contact please send them along.  Also, do consider writing your own remembrances and sending them (photos if you have them as well).

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