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2015 RI 4-H Public Presentation Guidelines Dates, Rules, Registration


The goals of the 4-H Public Presentation Program are to develop public speaking skills, organizational ability, and confidence in the young people taking part.

Annually, Rhode Island 4-H has many public speaking opportunities where club members can develop their presentation skills and show off their abilities. With the help of curriculum and resource material from the 4-H Office, youth work with their club leaders to create presentations.Listed below are some of the opportunities for youth to strengthen their communications skills.For more information on any of these programs you can contact the 4-H Office.

1. District Communications Contest:Two district communications contests are held. The district presentation competitions are not designed to be a high level of competition, their main focus is to give members an opportunity to perform and share their knowledge with others.Judges fill out score sheets providing positive feedback on how the 4-H member can improve and what their strengths are.Ribbons are awarded to every participant.

2. State Communications Contest: Members who earn a score of 90 points and above at the district competition are invited to participate in the state competition.The state competition is designed to be a higher level competition, where presentations are judged and ribbons are given.

3. The Big E New England Center:Every year 4-H members, ages 8 and over, participate in the New England Center at the Big E.They demonstrate projects, perform stage acts, provide 4-H information, and participate in the Big E daily parade for a 2 day period. This is a non competitive communications program!All 4-H Members 9 and over and their chaperons stay in the Moses Dormitory on the Big E grounds; dorm, transportation and meals are provided.

4. Roger Williams Park Zoo: A new opportunity was created last year with the Zoo. URI 4-Hers have the opportunity to present demonstrations and speeches to the public related to animals, agriculture and the environment on the new barnyard stage.This non-competitive opportunity allows 4-Hers to gain experience communicating with crowds and an audience of mostly young families. This is a great opportunity for 4-Her’s to serve the community, promote 4-H and develop public speaking skills.

5. Washington County Fair Farm School: Farm school is now a competition that allows those 4-Hers who are animal project focused to broaden their communication skills by presenting demonstrations and speeches in conjunction with live animals.Members construct demonstrations that explain the knowledge they have gained in an animal science program: such as breeds, anatomy, husbandry, showmanship and disease prevention. Members can participate in teams or as individuals, and will be judged according to their public speaking skills, and their animal knowledge imparted on the audience. New rules and entry available here!

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