CatherineName: Catherine Linh
Major: Chemistry
Class Year: Junior
Professional Goal:  Physician/Scientist

“Seeds of Success has a special place in my heart…After joining SOS, I became less homesick and adapted to college life, knowing that I was not alone in this journey.”

I like to draw and paint portraits/landscapes. As well as watching Anime & Korean dramas and learning phrases in different languages


ShadrackName: Shadrack Ossei
Major: Biological Sciences
Class Year: Sophomore

“I am willing to take on a leadership role and devote myself in helping my fellow SOS members, especially those on the pre-med track, succeed academically.”


DianaName: Diana Ross
Major: Biological Sciences/Health Studies
Class Year: Junior
Professional Goal:  Physician

“SOS to me is a community where students from all different backgrounds can come together to create a safe environment . An environment free of judgment and negativity and full of support and encouragement.”

I like to draw, read, watch movies, makeup, spend time with family & friends


WaleName: Adebowale Babalola
Major: Psychology
Class Year: Senior

“SOS is a place where people can be comfortable and escape the intimidation that is all too prevalent in the science field. To me, SOS is a source of positivity that makes my journey seem possible.”


JenniferName: Jennifer Moscoso
Major: Biological Sciences
Class Year: Junior
Professional Goal:  Pediatrician

“SOS…Personally, this is one of the organizations I feel more com-fortable with because when I enter this organization’s environment, I can see laughter, students advising each other, and a welcoming place.”

I like to watch Anime, take walks and cuddle with my dog.


JurennyName: Jurenny Jimenez
Major: Biological Sciences
Class Year: Junior
Professional Goal:  Cadio Thoracic Surgeon

“SOS to me means…an organization that allows us students, the minorities to succeed successfully in the sciences. A place where I know I can find someone to talk to…To me, SOS is a family!”

I like to read, write poetry, play softball, hang out with friends and play with my puppy. As well as tutoring Bio, eating ice cream and looking up random facts!