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Modified Form

Refer to FORMS to determine the correct form for the nature of the proposal.


Complete the Form and obtain approvals in accordance with the college’s established procedures (department, college, dean).  Complete the Rhode Island Office of Postsecondary Commissioner Budget Form demonstrating either 1) the need for additional resources or 2) that existing funds are sufficient for carrying out the program. The completed proposal with Budget Form requires review by the URI Budget and Financial Planning Office. If no new funds are requested, proposers shall request a Statement of No Financial Impact from the URI Budget and Financial Planning Office.

For URI Budget and Financial Planning Office review, submit the completed proposal and Budget Form to the following Budget Office Personnel:

  • John Stone, Budget Specialist, Financial Analysis
    and copy the following:
  • Linda Barrett, Director, Budget & Financial Planning
  • Cheryl Hinkson, Associate Director, Budget & Financial Planning
  • Colleen Robillard, Budget Specialist, Financial Analysis

The completed proposal with Budget Office response and any other supplementary materials shall be submitted to the Faculty Senate Office (through SAKAI) for forwarding to the appropriate coordinating and review committee. If more than one department or college is submitting the proposal, approvals must be obtained from all involved prior to submission to the coordinating and review committee. The Faculty Senate Office cannot accept an incomplete proposal. Errors in the proposal will delay advancement to the appropriate review committee.

The proposal is presented to the Faculty Senate for approval, reviewed in the Provost’s Office, signed by the President, and submitted to the RI Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner.  Additional clarification of the proposal might be solicited by the Commissioner’s Office during its review. The Commissioner presents the proposal to the Council on Postsecondary Education. Proposers may be asked to attend the meeting to answer any questions of the Council. The proposer(s) is/are notified that the proposal appeared on the agenda of a meeting of the Council on Postsecondary Education and program implementation may proceed.

Note: Proposals may be returned at any stage for correction, clarification, or revision.

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