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The University of Rhode Island implemented an online Curriculum Management System (CMS) for all proposals for courses and programs. The CMS will contribute to a more efficient workflow, effective tracking and documentation of progress as well as provide a more transparent process for those involved in curriculum work. While the forms and electronic workflow is new, please note that the curriculum review and approval process is not changing. Departments, Colleges, Senate and Graduate Council will still hold meetings and make Committee curriculum decisions. 

All faculty have access to the Kuali CMS platform through the URI Office 365 Apps webpage using their single sign-on credentials (same as what is used for URI email). 

Faculty Senate has created training web pages with video tutorials and documents. The Kuali help pages can be found here.

The last date PDF forms will be accepted in the Faculty Senate Office by the College Curriculum Committee and Dean’s Office, is May 20, 2022. Any proposal that has been approved through the College Curriculum and College Dean Approval may be submitted to the Senate for the summer meeting by College Curriculum Managers as per usual for review by the Special Summer Curriculum Committee. Any proposals approved at the summer curriculum meeting(s) will come to the floor of the Senate to continue the approval process at the first fall meeting of the Senate. No proposals will be approved prior to the fall Senate meeting. 

All curriculum proposals after May 20th, will need to be processed in the CMS. This will require the proposal to be done in the CMS from the beginning. Please reach out to us if there are any additional conflicts you anticipate making this deadline. 

If you have any questions about the CMS, please use uri_curriculum@uri.edu email, stop by the Senate Office in Pastore 224 or call us at 401-874-2616.


Curricular procedures have been developed in order to facilitate the integration of curricular proposals, legislative action, the e-Campus Course Schedule, and the University Catalog. Go to General Information for an overview of procedures and general principles for curricular proposals.

Please note these important Academic Year proposal submission deadlines: 

  • March 18, 2022 is the academic year deadline for receipt of undergraduate proposals in the Faculty Senate Office for distribution to the appropriate curriculum committee.
  • April 14, 2022 is the last Faculty Senate Meeting of the academic year at which curricular reports may be presented for approval.  To meet this deadline, curricular proposals must have been approved at the final meetings (March or April) of the Curriculum and Standards Committee, General Education Committee or Graduate Council.  
  • May 20, 2022 is the due date for proposals to be submitted for the Special Summer Curriculum Committee review. This is also the last date that PDF and word document forms will be accepted. Beginning Fall 2022 all curriculum proposals will be proposed, reviewed and processed through the Kuali Curriculum Management System. 

See the Curriculum Committees page for meeting schedules and Faculty Senate submission deadlines for accurate and complete proposals. A proposal cannot be forwarded to a review committee if it contains errors or if required signatures or supplemental documents are lacking (e.g., overlap statements, cross-listing acknowledgment statements, revised syllabus, revised curriculum sheet).

It is advisable to initiate proposals twelve to eighteen months in advance. All proposals must first be reviewed and approved by the originating department and the college before they can be reviewed by the appropriate Senate or Graduate Council committee. When departments wait until the spring semester to submit a proposal for fall enrollment, there may not be sufficient time for the proposal to be fully approved before the end of the academic year.  Additionally, the full approval process may not be completed in time to meet University Catalog deadlines.

Meeting the submission deadline for a proposal to be included on a review committee agenda does not ensure that the proposal will be approved at that particular meeting.  Revisions might be required that will postpone approval of the proposal to a subsequent meeting.


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