Animal Science and Technology

Animal Science and Technology at URI is designed to prepare students for professional or technical careers in applied animal science. Options are available in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Animal Sciences and Laboratory Animal Sciences.

The Major

This major, offered by the Department of Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Science, is designed for students interested in applied animal science careers.

Animal and veterinary sciences play a vital role in the management and care of livestock, companion animals as well as those animals maintained at zoos and aquariums and laboratory animal facilities.  These fields of study inform our choices of general animal care based on best practices of caring for and managing animals in the areas of welfare, health, behavior, housing, nutrition and reproduction. During their studies students will design and evaluate strategies to address real world problems in these animal science fields.

The B.S. in Animal Science and Technology has three options:

  1. Pre-veterinary/Pre-Graduate School
  2. Animal Science
  3. Animal Management

Students in the three options have great flexibility in their choice of animal science courses.  The major difference between these options is the amount and level of general science required.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Extensive hands on experience on our on-campus farm plus numerous opportunities for internships and fellowships.

Abundant opportunities exist for internships off-campus at regional farms, veterinary clinics, zoos and aquariums, research facilities and local agricultural organizations, as well as summer research or outreach fellowships in CELS’s Coastal and Environmental Fellows program.  The major is centered at our Peckham Farm facility, within easy walking distance of the dorms and students get hands on experience with the animals beginning the first week of classes.  The diversity of species available at the farm means that our students are broadly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in raising several species.

Curriculum Sheet:

Careers and Further Study

Do you love animals and want to spend your life working with them?

There are numerous opportunities to work with animals available to graduates of the Animal Science & Technology program at the University of Rhode Island. Depending upon the option you choose within the Animal Science & Technology major, you may pursue a careers as a:  veterinarian, researcher, veterinary technician, food animal producer, laboratory animal technician, or high school agricultural education teacher.  Additionally, there are career opportunities at zoos or aquariums (educator, researcher and exotic animal manager), within the federal, state and local government as well as with many animal-related businesses. 


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