In Fall 2016, The University of Rhode Island launched a new general education program in conjunction with the opening of the Office in Innovation in General Education. Fundamental to the new program is the goal of providing students the opportunity to develop as scholars and individuals ready to employ the knowledge, insight, and experience they gain when embarking on their chosen career path.

General Education at URI is no longer a menu of courses in a set of disciplines that students try to get past as quickly as possible. The new general education program is a collection of innovative and intellectually challenging courses, spread across a student’s undergraduate experience, that students and faculty view as essential for successful careers regardless of their majors. At its core are 12 learning outcomes that reflect the following four key objectives:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Responsibilities
  • Integrative experience

In addition, students will take a Grand Challenge course that explores an area of contemporary significance through an interdisciplinary lens

An integral part of the program is the constant supply of new and innovative courses and the revision and updating of existing course offerings. Many resources are available to help you with the design and delivery of these courses including the development of the proposal and the assessment of student learning outcomes.

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