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The General Education Program at URI reflects a contemporary learning experience that allows our undergraduate students to examine and engage the complex, interpersonal, civic, and global issues defining our world today. Our program offers a well-rounded and intellectually empowering student-centered experience that prepares undergraduates for their chosen careers and builds a foundation of life-long learning and success. At URI, we envision our program as every student’s “second major” – an opportunity for students to explore their interests at multiple levels and satisfy and further spark their intellectual curiosity.


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What students are saying about Gen Ed!

“KIN 375G is an excellent course. The class provides you with information that can help you throughout your entire life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

                                                                              Ellora Mohanty, Sophomore
                                                                              Major: Business
                                                                              Class: KIN 375G –  Exercise is Medicine

“LAR 201 was by far the most exciting, engaging, and interesting general education class that I have taken.”

                                                                              Chad Beliveau, Sophomore
                                                                              Major: Finance
                                                                              Class: LAR 201 – Survey of Landscape Architecture

“I was impressed and inspired by Professor Hutchison’s ability to command a classroom and engage multimedia-style active learning in such a way that I remained on the edge of my seat throughout each period.”

                                                                              Aria Mia Loberti, Sophomore
                                                                              Major: Political Science
                                                                              Class: PSC 116G –  Introduction to International Politics

Contact Us

The Office of Innovation in General Education is located at:
Carothers Library, 15 Lippitt Rd.
Second Floor, Room 270 

Rachel L. DiCioccio, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Innovation in General Education
Professor, Harrington School of Communication and Media
p: 401.874.9072

Carolyn White
Coordinator, Academic Innovations Group
p: 401.874.9191

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