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AGREEMENT made by and between Fraternity Chapter as listed below Hereinafter referred to as FRATERNITY, and FRATERNITY MANAGERS ASSOCIATION

Hereinafter referred to as FMA, and Fraternity Member as listed below

Hereinafter referred to as STUDENT

Whereas, STUDENT owes chapter membership dues and

Whereas, it is the desire of the FRATERNITY to authorize billings of students for this money owed,  through the billing services of the FMA and

Whereas, it is the desire of the FRATERNITY to encourage payment in full from students who make a financial commitment to the FRATERNITY and

Whereas, it is the important for the students to understand that there are consequences that flow from their failure to honor their financial obligations.

The parties hereby agree that FMA shall bill and collect the monies due the FRATERNITY. The FRATERNITY shall provide FMA with the name, address, and billing amount due from each student, and shall promptly notify FMA of any correction as to amount due from any student.  If STUDENT fails to make timely payment of the amount due after billing by the FMA, STUDENT will be sent an additional billing for the unpaid balance due from the STUDENT containing a warning of the imposition of sanctions if the amount due is not paid within 30 days of the mailing of such notice.

The parties further agree that in the event that STUDENT shall fail to make payment 30 days after the mailing of the warning of sanctions, FMA shall forward notification to Enrollment Services, Green Hall, Kingston, Rhode Island, and the student shall have the following sanctions imposed by URI until the amount due is certified by FMA as satisfied to an extent to lift the sanctions.  The sanctions shall be that STUDENT shall not be eligible to a) register for classes, b) obtain a transcript of his school record, or c) receive a diploma.

Lastly it is understood by all parties that this contract shall last for STUDENT’s entire term as a member of FRATERNITY. Should such a decision be made that STUDENT is no longer a member, FRATERNITY will notify FMA in writing.

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