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LAR Academic Check-sheet

Degree:  The University of Rhode Island has a four year undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture (BLA).  It is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB).  The number of credits to graduate is 126.  The program was last reviewed for accreditation in 2015 and was reaccredited in the spring of 2016.  To assist potential students in making informed application decisions please follow the above link to see information on student achievement, university costs, program retention, graduation rates and learning outcomes.

LAR399 Internship

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Student Profiles

William Depina-Gomes ‘18
Hometown:  Pawtucket, RI

As a freshman, Will was interested in pursuing architecture and engineering and through a general education class, he ultimately landed in landscape architecture where he claims has been “the best decision I’ve made here in my fours years”.  Will is a hardworking individual holding two part-time jobs while being a full-time student in landscape architecture.  He works in sales on the weekends and is a work-study student for the Department of Landscape Architecture running plots and making scans of student work and also assisting peers and faculty who are having computer/technical problems.  During the summer of 2016,  Will served as an intern for the Providence Parks and Recreation Department.  He was involved with park design, construction drawing and construction implementation.  Through this work experience, Will has been able to realize the importance of his internship experience and incorporate this knowledge into his studio projects.

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