Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

College of Health Sciences

Admission Requirements

All applicants must meet requirements for the Master of Science program. Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative undergraduate ≥ 3.0 GPA and GRE examination within 5 years (recommended GRE scores ≥ 153 Verbal, 144 Quantitative, 3.5 Analytic Writing). Non-native English Speakers must also send official TOEFL scores unless they have completed a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution. Coursework requirements include a minimum of two semesters of chemistry, and one semester each of biochemistry, anatomy or biology, human physiology, nutrition and statistics as well as an advanced nutrition course with a biochemistry prerequisite. In addition, applicants must define their research interests in their applicant’s statement. Students are only admitted to the program with a faculty member willing to supervise their research; students will not be admitted if they identify a research area that is not compatible with faculty expertise. Information about faculty research expertise is available on the website. However, applicants are encouraged to search current databases such as PubMed because faculty website information may not be updated regularly.

In addition to the general requirements for the Master of Science, completion of an ACEND accredited DPD program within 5 years of the application deadline is required with a Verification Statement signed by the DPD Director. Students completing their DPD more than 5 years before the application may require additional coursework.

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