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The URI Dietetic Internship program is an intensive, 2-year graduate program requiring completion of a Master’s Thesis. Students enroll for 13 credits in their first year and as full-time students their second year. Students failing to complete the program in two academic years must enroll for additional credits. Tuition costs and student fees can be found on the URI website Current estimates of total tuition and student fees for internship students entering in the 2017-2018 academic year are $ 25,669 for instate students and   $ 52,120 for out of state students. There is a $500 internship fee paid to the University of Rhode Island in addition to tuition costs and student fees. In the first year, students are also responsible for health insurance, travel to facilities and to the university, housing, books, immunizations, and a criminal background check with total living costs estimated at $ 20,000. The university provides professional liability coverage at no additional cost to the student. In the second year students have additional responsibilities for health insurance, travel to the university, housing and books with total costs estimated at $ 15,000. Students are eligible for loan deferments and financial aid. Although assistantship support is available during a student’s second year, assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis and are not guaranteed. Assistantship support pays for the second year’s tuition, health insurance, some fees, parking and provides a stipend plus benefits estimated at $ 21,266 for 20 hours of assistantship work for 36 weeks. Half-time assistantships (10 hours/week) provide half the benefits listed above). Over the past three years, at least 50% of the interns received at least half-time assistantship support for their second year. However, applicants must understand that assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis and assistantship support is not guaranteed.

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