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Master Seamstress II Certificate Program

Master Seamstress II Certificate Program

Celebrating our 30th Year!

Fall 2015-Spring 2016

The Master Seamstress II Program is open to all students who wish to take 8-week, non-credit elective courses. Anyone may take a course(s) without working towards a certificate. In order to receive a certificate, participants must have completed the Master Seamstress I Certificate Program and must complete any three of the non-credit courses listed below and all other assigned projects.

For registration or payment information please call 401-277-5050.

Class size is limited to 12 students and is filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Class fees are due in full upon registration and do not include project materials. No refund will be given for cancellation unless the position in class can be filled. Because this is a non-credit certificate program, financial aid is not available. A $25 non-refundable registration fee is included in the course fee.

This program is a Special Programs offering. It is NOT eligible for Federal Financial Aid or VA Benefits
All seamstress classes meet at The Greenwich Club, 5426 Post Road, East Greenwich, RI.

These 8-week course offerings rotate by semester each year. Listed below are the offerings for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Fall 2015 Offerings

Wearable Quilt Designs ($250)

The various quilting techniques such as crazy quilt, Bargello, stained glass, and more, lend themselves to making some unique clothing. You will be making sample pieces of the various techniques. Once you’ve seen samples of garments, and work with the various techniques, you can decide which one, or ones, you want to incorporate into a piece of clothing, or embellish a ready-to-wear piece.

Thursdays 9-Noon (9/24—11/19) no class 10/22

Sheila Vargas

Little Black Dress ($250)

Most of us talk about “The Little Black Dress” so why not make one that flatters and fits well. Find the silhouette that best suits your body and create the dress of your choice in any color. We will accessorize to complete the look and even discover ways to add versatility to it.

Thursdays, 7-10PM (9/24—11/19) no class 10/22

Jane Headley

Form/Draping *($250)

Students will be body casted, and then your body mold will be filled with polyurethane foam. After just three classes, you will have an accurate form of your figure and posture. Draping techniques will be taught and practiced in class with muslin, as well as tissue fitting patterns to the finished form.

Fridays 9-Noon (9/25—11/20) no class 10/23

Diane Martin

*Additional fee of $175 for body form kit (payable to Instructor)

NEW! Top It All ($250)

You will use JStern Design patterns and instructions along with ready fit muslins in both woven and knit tops such as; a fitted shirt, tee, and a blouse with a peplum. Different cup size muslins will determine the proper fit and adjustments. Make one or all for a final project.

Saturdays 10am-2pm (10/3—11/21) no class 10/10, 11/7

Jennifer Stern Hasemann

Winter 2016 Offerings

Sergers—The Basics and More ($250)

This class will focus on basic and advanced stitch techniques used in garment construction. You will become knowledgeable about your own serger and appreciative of its usefulness in replicating many ready to wear clothes. You will have the opportunity to construct a minimum of two garments and create a stitch catalogue. Serger competence is not required, although previous serger experience is strongly advised. A 4 (or more) thread serger is required.

Tuesdays 7-10PM (1/5—3/8) no class 2/16, 3/1

Nancy Hoell

Pants Drafting ($250)

With just a few measurements you will learn to draft a basic pants pattern for any ‘body.’ You will also learn about pant fitting and draping plus create different pant style patterns and get tips on constructing a pair of pants.

Thursdays 9-Noon (1/7—3/3) no class 2/18

Diane Martin

Advanced Patternmaking ($250)

The units in this program are each concerned with designing with full size patterns. From the basic bodice pattern, students will create a sheath dress and continue onto princess designs. Students will progress to a blouse pattern and dartless designs, then learn how to make a jacket, and coat sloper including discussion on facings, collars, lapels, sleeve, and linings. Designs can be tried and trued in fabric throughout the class time.

Fridays 9—Noon (1/8—3/4) no class 2/19

Diane Martin

Sew Fitting ($250)

Do you need help with fitting patterns? You will make a minimum of 3 garments of your choice in muslin (excluding pants). You will learn fitting techniques and adjustments so that your garments will be ready for your fashion fabric when you are ready to sew.

Thursdays 7-10PM (1/7-3/3) no class 2/18

Jane Headley

Jeans ($250)

Create customized jeans using “J Stern Design” commercial
patterns for misses & women’s sizes. Make a great fitting pair no matter what figure type you are. Learn the tricks of the trade to get professional results with topstitching, pocket styles, fly fronts, and waistbands. You will also get expert advice on embroidery details.

Saturdays 10am—2pm (1/9—2/27) no class 1/30, 2/20

Jennifer Stern Hasemann

Spring 2016 Offerings

Chanel Jacket ($250)

The Chanel Jacket is a classic that has endured the test of time. This class will begin by fitting a shoulder princess muslin with a 2-3 piece sleeve pattern. The jacket will be sewn in a boucle fabric using various couture techniques, embellishments and a weight chain will be added to complete your own “Little French Jacket.”

Thursdays 9—Noon (3/17–5/12) no class 4/21

Jane Headley

NEW! Serge A Wardrobe ($250)

You must have the basic serger skills mastered. It is best to take this class as a follow-up from “Sergers—The Basics & More”. In this class you will create a few garments of your choice using the serger techniques taught in the previous class workbook including decorative threads and heirloom stitching. A 4-thread or more serger is required.

Thursdays 7-10PM (3/17—5/12) no class 4/21

Nancy Hoell

“Make It” Work ($250)

Pre-Requisite: MSII Advanced Patternmaking or Form/Draping

It is more about patternmaking, draping and measurements. It is whatever it takes to make an ensemble work for you including selecting a pattern and fabric. Learn more about working with a dress form and the drape of the fabric, and how to apply your measurements for a better fit.

Fridays 9-Noon (3/11—5/13) no class 3/25, 4/22

Diane Martin

Raincoats ($250)

In RI you can never have too many raincoats. Join this class to produce a raincoat while learning about water resistant fabrics and water proofing, seam finishes and closures for outerwear. Extend your ideas with rain gear for sports, hood styles, and hats.

Saturdays 10am—2PM (3/19—5/7) no class 4/2, 4/23

Evie Moder

NEW! Copy Ready To Wear ($250)

You can copy designer styles or use favorites from your closet. There is no need to take your garments apart. You will learn to copy and create patterns using ready to wear clothing, including darts, closures and decorative techniques.

Mondays 9-Noon (3/14—5/9) no class 4/18

Heather Lee

FALL 2015

Wearable Quilt Designs
   Thursdays 9-Noon
Little Black Dress
   Thursdays 7-10PM
Form / Draping
Fridays 9-Noon
NEW!!! Top It All
Saturdays 10AM-2PM


Serger-The Basics & More
    Tuesdays 7-10PM
Pants Drafting   Thursdays 9-Noon$250
Sew Fitting
    Thursdays 7-10PM
Advanced Patternmaking
    Fridays 9-Noon
Saturdays 10AM-2PM


NEW!!! Copy Ready To Wear
    Mondays 9-Noon
Chanel Jacket
    Thursdays 9-Noon
NEW!!! Serge A Wardrobe
Thursdays 7-10PM
Make It Work
  Fridays 9-Noon
  Saturdays 10AM-2PM
*additional fee of $175 for body form

Registration Questions?

If you have questions concerning registration or payment information, please call:
Annie Tella: Office of Special Programs, 401-277-5050 or E-mail Annie: atella@uri.edu.

Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card.
Unfortunately, we do not offer a payment plan or tuition waiver for these non-credit courses.

Course Content/Skill Level Questions?

If you are not certain if you have enough experience
or have detailed questions regarding one of our programs, please feel free to contact:
Diane Martin, Program Coordinator 401-762-0960 or E-mail Diane at: dma426@aol.com

Class size is limited to 12 students and is filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Greenwich Club, 5426 Post Road East Greenwich, RI 02818 is also the location for the Rhode Island Sewing Network. The Rhode Island Sewing Network is a group of sewing enthusiasts who meet six times a year and also plan a trip to New York’s garment/fabric district. A membership covers all six meetings and newsletters, plus additional discounts.

Please visit the website for more information: www.rhodeislandsewingnetwork.com

Directions to Greenwich Club:

From the South: Take 95 North to exit 8A (Rt.2 Warwick/East Greenwich.) Stay on Rt. 2, go to the traffic light at the Showcase Cinema, take a left onto Division Street (Rt. 401), follow to second traffic light, take right onto Post Road/Rt. 1. The Greenwich Club, 5426 Post Road is on your left.

From the North: Take 95 South to Exit 9 (Rt. 4 South). Take the first exit which will bring you to Rt. 401 (E. Greenwich/Division St.). At the end of the exit ramp facing straight, take a right turn onto Division Street. Continue to follow above directions once on Division Street.

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