Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Knowledge and Practice

dyslexia certificate


The Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Knowledge and Practice is a synchronous online 12-credit graduate program that enables educators to acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies required to teach those with dyslexia and other language-based learning difficulties.

We encourage reading specialists, elementary, middle, and high school teachers, special education teachers, TESOL/BDL and speech-language pathologists, and other graduate students to apply.

Why the Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Knowledge and Practice?

● Experts in reading, language, and learning disabilities co-teach classes
● Participants will learn to

  • engage in depth and breadth of content within 180 hours of coursework
  • engage in 100 hours of assessment and instruction practicum
  • gain expert coaching and feedback via video platform
  • learn a structured language literacy approach based on Orton-Gillinham principles
  • develop a wide range of research-developed tools to address a continuum of language bases needs ranging from mild severe dyslexia
  • develop dyslexia screening tools
  • administer and interpret a full diagnostic language and literacy evaluation
  • develop knowledge of the neurocognitive aspects of learning, individualizing for students needs
  • use technology to engage learners