Tuition and Fees


  • Tuition rates depend upon the level of the course: undergraduate-level courses are those numbered 100-499; graduate courses are numbered 500 and above.

    Tuition for Rhode Island residents is $225 per undergraduate credit and $303 per graduate credit. Out-of-state students pay $408 per undergraduate credit and $462 per graduate credit. Fees for students with Regional status are $394 per undergraduate credit and $454 per graduate credit.

    All 2017 URI Summer Sessions e-Bills will be posted to e-Campus on Friday, May 19th and will be payable in all the same ways a fall or spring e-Bill can be paid. Students will be notified via email addresses as soon as e-Bills have been generated on e-Campus. Each email notification will contain the date by which 2017 Summer e-Bills will need to be paid in full, which will be sometime during mid-June. Email notifications about unpaid or new 2017 Summer e-Bill balances will again be sent out toward the end of June and once more in July. Students who still have unpaid Summer 2017 balances as of Tuesday, August 1st will be assessed late payment fees. You can learn more about URI e-Bills here

    The University of Rhode Island is a state-supported agency; therefore, tuition and fees are subject to change at any time by the action of the Board of Governors for Higher Education.

  • Registration Fee $30
    Student Activity Fee $20
    Technology Fee $6 per credit

  • Course Fee: Consult course details in e-campus ($25 for Tier I, $55 for Tier II, $75 for Tier III).

    Transcript Fee: A one-time fee of $45 is assessed to all students if this is their first enrollment at the University. All former and current students are exempt.
    Document Fee: A one-time fee of $110 is assessed to all matriculating students if this is their first enrollment at the University.

    Continuous Registration Fee: Graduate students maintaining continuous enrollment and registered for no credit (CRG 999) are required to pay a fee of $333 per semester.

    Undergraduate Off Campus Study: $255 per semester. (This fee does not apply to summer online courses.)

    Graduate Off Campus Study: $333 per semester.

  • Billing: Tuition and fees are calculated according to credit enrollments. Adding and dropping credits may cause a change in your bill. A detailed version of your account will available online via e-Campus the first week of May. Summer bills are now generated electronically.


    SESSION 1:

    100%May 21-May 22
    70%May 23-May 27
    50%May 28-May 29
    0%After May 29

    SESSION 2:

    100%June 25-June 26
    70%June 27-July 1
    50%July 2-July 3
    0%After July 3

    SESSION 3:

    100%May 21-May 24
    70%May 25-May 28
    50%May 29-June 1
    0%After June 1

    *Non-refundable deposits will not be returned.
    **Registration and activity fees will not be reduced.

    Students who stop attending classes and do not drop their courses may be liable for full tuition and fees and be subject to academic and/or financial sanctions.

    Changes in enrollment may affect financial aid eligibility. Students must remain enrolled at least half-time to qualify for federal loans. Please contact a financial aid counselor for specific information.

    Changes in Registration: You may exchange one course for another through the end of the DROP period without financial penalty provided the following requirements are met: the courses being exchanged are equivalent in level and number of credits; the courses are held within the same session, and the transaction has been completed through e-Campus. In all other cases, the normal reassessment policy for dropped courses will apply.

    Waivers: Senior citizens and unemployed students may be eligible to use waivers for credit courses. Please call 401-874-9500 in Kingston, or 401-277-5090 in Providence, for information.

    Eligible URI employees seeking information regarding tuition waivers for 2017 Summer Sessions are directed to follow the directions on this memo.

    Rhode Island National Guard: The Rhode Island General Assembly has enacted legislation granting limited tuition waivers to members of the Rhode Island National Guard. For further information, contact the Rhode Island National Guard and/or Enrollment Services at 401-874-9500 in Kingston, or 401-277-5090 in Providence.

    Disabled American Veterans: The Rhode Island General Assembly has enacted legislation granting tuition waivers to Disabled American Veterans. For details regarding this program, call 401-874-9500 in Kingston, or 401-277-5090 in Providence.

    Restrictions: Special and non-credit programs are limited to specific types of tuition waivers. If unsure of your eligibility, call 401-277-5050.

    Veterans Benefits: Registrants claiming VA educational benefits must contact the VA clerk at Kingston 874-9500 and fill out Veteran’s Certification Worksheet for VA Benefits form.


  • Go to and select “Billing and Payments” for information on paying your bill.

  • If you are a matriculating URI student registered for six or more credits for the 2017 URI Summer Sessions, you may be eligible for Federal Direct Loans to help fund your studies. Once you are officially registered for six or more credits on e-Campus for this summer, complete the Summer 2017 Direct Loan Application and submit it to URI Enrollment Services in Green Hall on the Kingston campus via mail or fax.

    To talk with a URI Financial Aid Advisor about applying for grants, student loans, work-study and scholarships, please contact Enrollment Services at 401.874.9500 or

    Note: In order to receive financial aid, you must complete a Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available Online at To obtain a copy of the Student Guide to Financial Aid, call 1.800.433.3243.

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