Deferral and Reactivation Policies

Deferral of Enrollment Policy

Students admitted to the University of Rhode Island may request to defer their enrollment for up to one academic year. You must complete this Deferral Request Form with a brief explanation to support your request. URI routinely grants these requests, and students will receive email notification of deferral approval.

Deferral Details

  1. Deferred admission will only be granted to admitted students who have paid the non-refundable $300 enrollment deposit.
  2. The deadline to request a deferral for the fall semester is August 20. To request a deferral for the spring semester, the deadline is January 15. 
  3. First-year students are required to submit a final high school transcript before the start of the new term. Transfer students are required to submit an official transcript from the most recent school attended.
  4. Students are only eligible to defer to the same undergraduate school/college and major into which they were originally admitted, with the exception of PharmD and Nursing (deferral requests for those majors are based on space availability). Changes in major may require a new admission review as well as a new merit scholarship review.
  5. Students must apply for need-based financial aid each year by completing the FAFSA. For a one-semester deferral within the same academic year, financial aid may be deferred. 
  6. Students should speak with Enrollment Services regarding need-based financial aid questions. If you were awarded a merit scholarship it may be deferred. 
  7. International students who require an F-1 Student Visa must resubmit documentation that demonstrates the ability to fund their education for one full academic year.
  8. Students admitted to Talent Development (TD) must receive deferral approval from the Talent Development Program and the Office of Admission. 
  9. If your deferral has been approved, you can not take classes elsewhere. If you earned credits post-high school you should plan to reapply as a transfer student. 

Please Note: If you decide not to attend the University after you have registered for the semester, you will be unable to defer your admission unless you properly withdraw from your classes. If the semester has already started and you have not properly withdrawn from your classes, you will be held responsible for a portion of your charges in accordance with the University refund schedule for that semester.

  • Enrollment and housing deposits are not refundable if the student decides not to attend the University. 
  • Deferral requests beyond one year require a new Common Application. 

Reactivation Policy

If you were admitted to URI for the fall semester but chose to enroll at another college, and now you have decided that you would like to come to URI, you may be eligible to reactivate your application for the following spring semester (same academic year). Please complete this brief form (log-in required) so that we can review your reactivation request.

Please note:

  • You cannot reactivate your admission to the College of Nursing or the Talent Development program.
  • Readmission to the College of Pharmacy depends upon available space.
  • Scholarships for the spring semester may be less than scholarships awarded for the fall semester.