Sonika Tahiliani

Doctorate of Pharmacy   

About Sonika
I’m an international student from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but I’m a Rhody girl at heart. On campus, I’m the Resident Academic Mentor for the Pharmacy LLC, the President of Pharmacy Leadership Society, a member of Lambda Kappa Sigma (pharmacy sorority), a URI 101 Mentor, and a Tour Guide.

What I’m Doing Now

While pharmacy school and extracurriculars make me very busy, I like to spend my free time at the beach, trying out new restaurants, or hanging out with friends. I’m excited to make the most of my last year on campus!

I just spent a long summer back home in Dubai with my family, and I feel rejuvenated to take on this next academic year. I’m working on research with a professor in my college, and I am on track to completing the Honors Program this semester. I also just bought my first car and have been enjoying driving around the state.

Favorite Thing About URI

Definitely the community. Everyone is so inclusive and accepting, which makes it very easy for campus to quickly become your second home. Oh, and also the sunsets are incredible!