Academic Skills Consultations/UCS 160 and 161

To succeed, students must learn how to plan work, structure time, and study effectively.  Our Academic Skills Consultations, UCS 160 and 161 courses, Study Your Way To Success Web Portal, and Academic Success Modules offer the tools and support students need to strengthen their academic performance. 

Academic Skills Consultations

Academic Skills Consultations are 1-to-1 meetings that offer students individualized advice on how to address any academic challenges they may be facing. Students who wish to improve  time management, study more effectively, or address common challenges like procrastination, motivation, or test anxiety can schedule an in-person or online consultation. Students can schedule a 50 minute appointment with one of the AEC’s Peer Academic Consultants through the TracCloud scheduling app. They can also schedule a 30 minute session with Dr. David Hayes, the AEC’s Coordinator of Academic Skills Development Programs, through Starfish or by emailing to

Once you schedule a consultation, you’ll want to make sure it’s as easy and productive as it can be! Before you attend your meeting, please be sure to review our Peer Academic Consultation meeting policies and our one-page guide, How to Have a Great Academic Skills Consultation. 

UCS 160 and 161

UCS 160  and 161

UCS 160: Success in Higher Education and UCS 161: Becoming a Self-directed Student are one-credit, graded, courses that help students develop a strategic approach to learning and studying in college. Students in UCS 160 learn how to plan their work and time, study more effectively, address common academic challenges like procrastination, motivation, and test anxiety, and assess their own progress. In 161, the focus is on problem solving, self-advocacy, communicating and leveraging available resources to ensure academic success. Each lesson in UCS 160 and 161 introduces specific  strategies, and provides students with practical assignments through which they can apply what they are learning directly to their work in their other courses. Click the links to see a copy of the Fall ’23 UCS 160 and UCS 161 syllabi and  learn more about these courses.  

Study Strategies Workshops

Study Strategies Workshops and presentations are available online and in-person upon request for classes, departments, student organizations, and other interested groups.  Workshops and presentations are available to focus on a full range of academic skills-related topics and can be customized to suit the needs of the group. To learn more about what we offer and how to plan and schedule a workshop or presentation, contact David Hayes, Coordinator of Academic Skills Development Programs, at

Study Your Way to Success: Web Portal to Online Study Tips

Looking for ways to improve your ability to manage your time and work, study more effectively, and perform better on exams? There is a world of information at your fingertips. Click the link below to access the AEC’s Study Your Way to Success web portal. The videos, web articles, tip sheets, and activities you’ll find represent some of the best strategies available for learning and studying in college. 

Study Your Way to Success