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The AEC offers three forms of tutoring:

1. Walk-In Centers

Our Walk-In tutoring centers are located on the 4th floor of Roosevelt Hall and staffed with peer tutors in the afternoon/evening Mondays through Thursdays.  Walk-In Centers are a great place for students in chemistry, math, and physics to work on homework, ask quick questions, and meet other students taking similar courses.

Courses offered: our Walk-In Centers currently offer tutoring in Chemistry, Math, and Physics.

How to get started: for Walk-In Tutoring, check our schedules below and drop by during any of our advertised hours.

TBD for Fall 2018.


2. Weekly Tutoring Groups

Summer 2018 WTG information here!

Weekly Tutoring Groups help students work together throughout the semester, meeting once per week for 50 minutes with the same small group of classmates and peer tutor so that mastering content and preparing for exams is an ongoing process instead of a last-minute one. We designed this new program because we know that engaging with the material regularly is what students need to do to succeed in a difficult course. Because of this, we do ask that students requesting groups respect our Weekly Tutoring Groups attendance policy. For more detailed information regarding why this program has replaced the previous Supplemental Instruction program, click here

Courses offered: our Weekly Tutoring Groups are tailored for classes in Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Math, Physics, and Statistics.

How to get started: The quickest way to get matched is to complete the ONLINE FORMYou can still fill out a paper copy of the form (available here) if you prefer, but we strongly advise filling out the online form.

If you cannot find anyone to form a group with, you can still complete the form to be matched to an existing group or other “free agent” students; please know that individual requests do tend to take longer to match, so the best way to get started with a group is to complete the group request form with at least one other classmate.


3. One-Time Appointment Tutoring

A limited amount of appointment tutoring is available for small groups who work together with a tutor for one pre-scheduled 50 minute block. Students must be enrolled in the same course to join an appointment, but might be in a different class section (i.e., taught by different instructors). One-time appointments don’t offer the same ongoing experience as weekly groups, but can be good if there is just one particular concept you are struggling with.

Courses offered: our One-Time Appointment Tutoring is primarily available for biology, chemistry, economics, math, and physics.

How to get started: for One-Time Appointment Tutoring stop by our reception area on the 4th floor of Roosevelt Hall to make an appointment, or call the desk at 401.874.2367.


*If your subject is not listed here, we may still be able to help you through our Academic Skills Consultation program or our Writing Center.  We can also often direct you to additional resources, such as department-sponsored tutoring. Also, don’t forget to use your professors’ and TAs’ office hours!


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