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Signing Up for Tutoring

Signing Up for Tutoring: Step by Step Guide.
Tutoring groups for select STEM and Business courses can be found in the TracCloud application. Weekly tutoring groups (recurring) and online occasional sessions (non-recurring) are available. Please review our tutoring policies and guidelines before your first tutoring session.

Students can find TracCloud in their Microsoft Office 365 account.


The AEC offers three forms of tutoring:

Drop-In Center

Our drop-in center (located in room LL004 of the Carothers Library) is staffed with peer tutors in the afternoon/evening Mondays through Thursdays. This is a great place for students to work on homework, ask quick questions, and meet other students taking similar courses.

Subjects offered: ACC, BAI, BIO, CHM, MTH, PHY, and select NUR, ECN, CSC, STA, FIN courses.
Drop-in center hours: Click HERE for our Spring Drop-In Schedule. Use Control+F to search through the tabs to see what time, location, and day tutors will be available to help you in your classes!

Tutoring appointments available and will fill quickly, sign-up today!

Weekly Tutoring Groups

Weekly tutoring groups help students work together throughout the semester, meeting once per week for 50 minutes (in-person or online) with the same small group of classmates and the same tutor.

Courses offered: Our weekly tutoring groups are primarily tailored for courses in Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Math, Physics, and Statistics. More courses are added as needed each semester.

Occasional Tutoring

Occasional tutoring sessions are primarily available for STEM & BUS courses, in-person or online. These sessions do not repeat weekly like weekly tutoring groups do. Policies for occasional tutoring are listed below:

  • Students may schedule occasional sessions for a maximum of 1 hour per course each week for up to 3 courses. Drop-in center visits and weekly tutoring group sessions do not count towards this maximum.
  • The occasional session may be shared with up to 5 additional students.
  • Same-day sessions are not available. Occasional sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
  • Students must arrive at their occasional sessions on time. Tutors will only wait for 15 minutes from the start of the session time. If 15 minutes have passed and the student has not arrived, it will count as a miss.


  • Guidelines are in place for all forms of tutoring. Please review our STEM & BUS Tutoring Policies.
  • Students may cancel their own sessions up to 24 hours in advance through their main page on TracCloud. If a student needs to cancel a session within 24 hours of the start time, they must contact the AEC reception team at 401-874-2367 or
  • Any sessions that are cancelled within 4 hours of the start time will count as a miss (unexcused absence). Students may contact an AEC receptionist for any special circumstances.
  • If a student wishes to be removed completely from a weekly tutoring group, they must fill out the Google form linked on their main page of TracCloud.
  • Students must arrive to sessions on time. Tutors will only wait for 15 minutes from the start of the appointment time. If 15 minutes has passed and the student has not arrived, it will count as a miss.
  • 2 appointment misses will result in the loss of appointment privileges for the current semester. Students in this situation are permitted to continue using drop-in services. Students wishing to regain appointment privileges should reach out to an AEC staff member to schedule a meeting.

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Questions or Concerns

The AEC is dedicated to ensuring a safe and comfortable learning environment for all URI undergraduate students. If you have any questions or concerns about the other members of your weekly tutoring group or tutoring appointment, please contact Ceileidh Kung below.

Email: | Phone:401-874-2367