Work at the AEC

Each of our positions requires a different set of qualifications and time commitment. Please carefully read the descriptions attached below to decide what position(s) might be a fit for you.

AEC STEM & BUS Tutor Positions: 

AEC 4th Floor Receptionist Positions:

AEC Writing Center Receptionist Positions:

  • Writing Center Receptionist Job Description
  • APPLICATION *All positions are currently filled. 
  • Staff Contact: Heather Price (

AEC Writing Center Consultant Positions:

AEC Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Positions:

  • Note: The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant supports students needing academic skills development in our UCS 160 course and individual and group meetings. 
  • Staff Contact: David Hayes (

Athletics Tutoring Positions:

  • Note: Athletics tutors work exclusively with student-athletes; because of this, Athletics hires for a range of subjects based on student need. This is often a good option for students who want to tutor in a subject not offered by the AEC.
  • Staff Contact: Meredith Gibbons (