Other On-Campus Tutoring Resources

Tutoring Offered Outside the AEC


The Chemistry Department runs a Chemistry Learning Center staffed by lab TAs. This is the best place to go for help with lab reports or projects. In Fall 2022, TA hours will be held in Beaupre 115.

Chemistry TA Office Hours – Fall 2022


The Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Department offers tutoring for students learning Chinese, French, German, Italian,  Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Tutoring is generally held on the third floor of Swan Hall, and schedules are typically determined course-by-course. Students can book appointments using the link below. 

Languages Department Tutoring – Fall 2022

Nutrition and Dietetics: 

Course TAs hold office hours to provide support for students in NFS 207 and 210.

NFS 207 and 210 TA Schedule – Fall 2022


In addition to the help available at the AEC, Physics TAs are available to provide online support to Physics students through the Physics department’s Help Lab.

Physics Help Lab Schedule – Fall 2022


The College of Pharmacy offers online help sessions throughout the semester in a number of P1 and P2 courses. In Fall 2022, all help sessions are held in Avedisian 303. 

P1 help schedule

P2 help schedule


Providence Campus Tutoring:

The Academic Skills Center at the URI Providence campus is located on the second floor of the Shepard Building in Room 239 and offers tutoring in Writing, Math, and Science. Students can contact the Academic Skills Center at (401) 277-5071. Tutorials are provided free of charge for all URI students.

Academic Skills Center – Providence Campus