Work at the Writing Center

Writing Consultant Application

All consultant positions for Spring 2024 are currently filled. Applications for Fall 2024 will open in March. For information on applying for future semesters, email

Apply For Writing Consultant Positions  (See position description below.)

Role: Peer Writing Consultants provide writing support to undergraduate students from all disciplines seeking assistance with their academic writing assignments. Consultants work closely with students at all stages of the writing process to: help them develop their writing skills, provide feedback on their writing, and offer guidance on how to improve their overall writing performance.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Participate in new consultant pre-semester training and orientation to the Writing Center prior to tutoring.
  • Work one-on-one with undergraduate students from all disciplines to help them improve their writing skills and achieve their writing goals.
  • Assist students with various writing assignments, including essays, research papers, personal statements, and other writing genres as needed.
  • Engage with students at all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and final edits.
  • Provide feedback on students’ writing, including grammar, syntax, organization, clarity, and argumentation.
  • Develop and maintain a rapport with students to create a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Assist students with understanding and following writing conventions, including citation styles and formatting.
  • Use active listening skills to understand students’ writing needs and provide effective feedback and guidance.
  • Maintain accurate records of student progress and attendance.
  • Attend ongoing training and professional development opportunities to continually improve tutoring skills and knowledge.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly (or bi-weekly) staff meetings and other ongoing training requirements, including written critical reflection and analysis of practice, and peer observations.
  • Present and promote Writing Center services when and where needed.
  • Collaborate with other consultants to curate and create resources for student writers.


  • Must be an undergraduate student in good academic standing.
  • Strong writing skills and knowledge of grammar, syntax, and argumentation.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.
  • Experience with academic writing and research.
  • Ability to work independently and manage time effectively.
  • Sensitivity to the needs of diverse student populations.
  • Must be comfortable giving and receiving feedback for continued growth as a consultant.


  • Positions may be available for pay or academic credit.
  • Consultant pay rates start at $14.00/hr, with increases for leadership roles.

If you have any questions, contact Heather Price at

Receptionist Application

Spring 2024 receptionist positions are currently filled. For information on applying for future semesters, email

Apply For Receptionist Positions   (See position description below.)

Role: Writing Center receptionists are responsible for providing front desk leadership and quality customer service to all users of the Undergraduate Writing Center. They are expected to maintain a positive attitude, professional work ethic and high level communication skills in all daily interactions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge and confident communication of the Undergraduate Writing Center and campus services
  • Comfortable communicating on the phone and using voicemail, recording and relaying accurate messages and call transfers
  • Skilled in computer usage with a willingness to learn multiple systems including but not limited to: WCOnline, Starfish, G-Suite, and more
  • Ability to confidently demonstrate processes to others
  • Ability to maintain a customer service mentality at all times
  • Attention to detail and compliance with office policy
  • Responsible for tracking and security of valuable office technology

Other Duties, Responsibilities & Qualifications:

  • Communicate clearly with patience and empathy
  • Solution-first thinking
  • Trustworthiness
  • Time management skills
  • Reliability
  • Excellent interpersonal skills & organizational skills
  • Provide general administrative support as needed
  • Attend initial and ongoing trainings scheduled throughout semester


  • Reception staff pay rates start at $14.00/hr, with increases for leadership roles.

If you have any questions, contact Heather Price at