Teaching with Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The University of Rhode Island is devoted to promoting evidence-based teaching strategies and approaches that create more equitable and inclusive environments where all learners can succeed. Every day, we walk together along our collective journey towards educational justice. In any discipline we teach, every day we can each take one little step that will make a difference.

What Is Teaching with Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion?

This section aims to offer a place to start when thinking through how to redesign or create our courses and curricula to be more equitable, intentionally integrate diverse cultures and perspectives, and make teaching decisions that enable all students to achieve meaningful learning. One of the first steps along this process is self-awareness and self-reflection: we grow as critically inclusive educators by engaging in continuous dialogue with our students and ourselves.

The resources below provide a variety of interconnected entry points and possible next steps to consider in fostering justice within our teaching spaces. Please start with one that works for your class, share your stories, and join the conversation.

Strategies & Techniques

Deeper Dives

Deeper dives provide opportunities for reflection and transformation around a specific topic for faculty to adapt, implement, and assess evidence-based strategies in their courses. Events include self-paced “courses”, high impact seminars, faculty institutes, and other special programs. Like any focused experience, these provide gains depended upon the time and introspection given to them. The times for self-paced courses are a broad estimate.