Ph.D. in Business Administration


The University of Rhode Island offers the only Ph.D. program in Business Administration in the state. The Ph.D. program specializations include marketing, finance, and supply chain management.

In this mentor-based program, you will take formal coursework during the first two years and work closely with one or more professors on research projects in their area of specialization throughout the program.


Our Distinctiveness

The Ph.D. program offers a caring environment where you and your peers will benefit from easy and close interaction with the faculty from your chosen specialization area as well as faculty from other areas in the College of Business. Academic interactions are supplemented with social relationships through events that occur in and out of the academic setting.

Classroom experience is mandatory as you are expected to teach in our undergraduate and graduate programs. A one-credit course in pedagogy will prepare you for this requirement. This class is supplemented with actual teaching experience including total responsibility for a particular course from syllabus design to execution. Student evaluations provide feedback and opportunities for improvement.

During the first two years of the program, you must satisfy the required coursework and develop your research ideas into major papers. The coursework consists of 10 or more advanced courses beyond the master’s degree (a minimum of 30 credits). In addition, two additional one-credit courses are required—one in research in business and the other in pedagogy.

Guided by one or more faculty members, you will write a major field paper of very high academic quality as part of the course requirement. The comprehensive examination (written and oral) takes place in the third year after the formal course requirements are satisfied.

You are encouraged to develop the dissertation research topic early in your career. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is awarded upon successful completion of all requirements, including a public dissertation defense.


Competitive assistantships are available to a limited number of Ph.D. students. Applicants with their own funding (e.g. government or other scholarships) are also encouraged to apply.

Each assistantship is granted for a maximum period of four years renewable subject to the satisfactory completion of program requirements each year. If you are selected, the assistantship offers you tuition remission (up to 12 credit hours per semester that will be prorated to the percentage of the appointment) and health benefits as well as a monthly stipend for the academic year. College of Business assistantships require you to complete 20 hours of work each week—either as a research assistant or teaching assistant.