Biological and Environmental Sciences

Cell and Molecular Biology


Students in the Cell and Molecular Biology graduate specialization receive interdisciplinary training in the research methods and concepts used to understand the molecular basis of life. This program provides a solid foundation in biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular genetics in animal, plant and microbial systems.

Faculty research interests span these diverse areas and include:

BioinformaticsDutta, Jenkins, Lane, M. Ramsey, K. Ramsey, Schwartz, Zhang
Biochemistry of cell signaling, development, and gene regulationCamberg, Chandlee, Dutta, Fallini, Gregory, Howlett, Irvine, Kausch, Martin, Nelson, M. Ramsey, K. Ramsey, Roberts, Sartini, Sun
Epigenetics, chromatin, and chromosome stabilityDutta, Howlett
Immunology and microbiology of infectious diseaseCamberg, Gomez-Chiarri, Nelson, M. Ramsey, K. Ramsey, Rothman
Microbiomes of environmental and animal systemsJenkins, Gomez-Chiarri, Lane, Nelson, M. Ramsey, Zhang

CMB Specialization Group Coordinator, Associate Professor

Cell and Molecular Biology


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