Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics


A Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics is a university-issued graduate degree. It involves acceptance to the University of Rhode Island graduate program, graded course work, and typically a paper or project. It is designed for professionals who wish to obtain a focused graduate degree, but cannot commit to a full Master’s degree.

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics is designed to be done completely online so that professionals may fulfill the requirements for this degree from anywhere.

  • Tech-oriented degree integrated with digital forensics practice.
  • No formal technical training required.
  • Completely online! Video lectures streamed on demand. Cloud-based hands-on labs.

Necessary Background

This program is designed for students who have a level of comprehension similar to the ‘A+ Certification’ regarding computers and how they work. An A+ Certificate is not necessary. Students are provided with a self-paced program that covers the fundamentals of this background. The material is provided in the summer before the program begins.

Fundamentals for Cyber Security is a self-paced program for enrolled students in basic technology concepts, available for students coming from less technical backgrounds.

Further Study

Courses taken in this certificate program can be applied towards a Professional Science Masters Degree in Cyber Security, a Masters Degree in Computer Science, or a Ph.D. in Computer Science.