Cyber Security Minor

URI Email Address

All communication is conducted with your URI Email address. If emails are sent from professors, they are sent to your URI Email address. It is extremely important check your University email frequently. We will only communicate with you at your URI Email. You will receive important notices from the Graduate School about deadlines, emails from professors, your advisor, and course announcements at this email address.

Teaching Platform – Brightspace

All courses are taught with the learning management system Brightspace. To access the course website, sing in at

I want to start classes to complete the minor. What do I do next?

After reviewing the information on the website, you should fill out an Interest form. This helps us plan and schedule courses for the minor. If you have any additional questions send them to the Program Office at

I have filled out the Interest form. Now what?

Once you fill out the Interest form, you should register for CSF 202, the first course for either minor. You should then make your course plan using the following worksheet. This plan will help you schedule courses that are only offered in certain semesters.

Do I need to meet with my advisor?

In addition to meeting with your regular major advisor, you should contact the Program Office if you change your program of study or have other major curricular changes. You can also contact the Office at anytime with questions.

Who is my minor program advisor?

The DFCSC Program Office coordinates all advising inquiries, email with questions. The faculty supervisor of the DFCSC minor programs is Dr. Lisa DiPippo. 

What must I do when I am ready to graduate and have completed the minor?

Complete the Minor Field of Study form that must be submitted with your Intent to Graduate Form prior to graduation. Send the completed form to to have it signed and returned to you for inclusion with your graduation packet.