Internship and Projects

Project Proposal Requirements and Description

Using the project description as a basis, the student will develop a set of objectives and a statement of work acceptable to the student, the industrial sponsor, and the university faculty advisor. The proposal will serve as the standard agreement between the parties. A project proposal must be completed and approved before a student can register for CSC 477 or CSC 499.

For internships, you are strongly encouraged to use this form (PDF) to help ensure the appropriate information is included. Please use a desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure the information is saved and remains editable and can be signed electronically.

For projects done with Computer Science faculty, the requirements and expectations will be negotiated between the student and the faculty member. Please use this form.

If not using the form, proposals should be sure to include:

Sponsoring Organization

The project proposal should begin by stating the (corporation, organization, institution, etc) with which you will be interning. Include the location where you will be working and contact information for the person serving as your supervisor.

Project Description

Describe as a whole the work or project to which you will contribute. Looking for the “big-picture,” but with enough detail to support the following items.

Statement of Work

Describe the actual tasks that you personally expect to perform while doing this work or project. Be specific and detailed to convey the sort of work you will be doing.


Include a timetable of your work goals and deliverables. This should include tasks, reports, and presentations, as well as a general idea of how long you will be working on the jobs outlined in the previous section.

Skills Required

Enumerate the skills you will need going into this project. Relate project work to skills gained in URI courses.

Skills to be Learned

Enumerate the skills you expect to learn or gain experience with while doing this work or project.