Internship and Projects

Summer internships

If you are doing your internship in the summer, you will typically enroll in CSC 477 or CSC 499 the following Fall. (Occasionally we can defer enrollment until the spring, but sooner is better.)

Regardless of when you enroll, you will need to:

  • complete the internship proposal form (PDF) to make sure you can receive credit for the position
    • Some PDF viewers break the form and/or signature fields. Please use a desktop version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (link to their site) — watch out for the “Optional offers” that you probably don’t want.
    • Please also attach any job description or position announcement for the internship that will help us understand the breadth/scope of the work and responsibilities.
  • Prepare your reports and presentation while you are doing the internship (see the syllabus [PDF] for information about these assignments)
  • Request a permission number from Indrani Mandal ( for the semester in which you wish to enroll.

Enroll in Summer?

We are offering CSC 477 or CSC 499 this summer and intend to in coming years. Contact Indrani Mandal ( for more information.

You will may have to pay for summer credits out-of-pocket

Sometimes, finances may be important in deciding whether to enroll in the summer or in the following fall:

  • If you are a full-time student and can enroll in the regular semester without exceeding 19 credits, the fall enrollment should not incur additional tuition charges
  • If you are a full-time student and enrolling in CSC 477 or CSC 499 in the fall would put you at 20 credits, the one credit overload is likely to be less expensive than 4 summer credits, but you should do the math yourself
  • If you are a part-time student or enrolling in CSC 477 or CSC 499 would put you at 21 credits or more, summer tuition will almost surely be less expensive
  • Financial aid and loans often are not available for summer study

Of course, other considerations may be more important, such as if you’re trying to graduate in August or your internship program requires concurrent academic enrollment. Most students do find Fall enrollment is the best choice.