Elementary Education (B.A.)


children learning in a classroom

Elementary school is where a child’s educational journey begins, so the job of an elementary school teacher is incredibly important, and equally rewarding. The advantages include teaching a variety of subjects, working with eager young learners, and using creative approaches to making learning fun for them.

URI’s Elementary Education Program is a fully accredited certification program which prepares you to teach children in grades 1-6. Highlights of the program include:

  • a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences;
  • competence in communication skills;
  • a rich understanding of the content and modes of thinking in the disciplines;
  • understanding of learners and how they develop;
  • development of teaching skills to address the needs of all types of learners; and
  • skills in assessing both learner and self.

In addition to earning a B.A. in Elementary Education, you’ll also choose a second major. Majors in Biology, English, Mathematics, History, or Foreign Language are encouraged as they provide an opportunity for you to pursue a Middle Level or ESL endorsement.