Testing and Certification

Licensure Testing

Teacher candidates are required to take a licensure test from the state where you seek licensure prior to the start of the semester before student teaching, and submit the results to the COEDU database AND your advisor. URI College of Education teacher candidates will not be required to pass the licensure exams prior to student teaching or graduation. If you have questions, please see your advisor(s).

To be in compliance with the licensure testing requirements of the URI College of Education, teacher candidates will:

  • Research licensure testing in the state where they plan to live and work after graduation
    The best place to find licensure information is on the Department of Education’s website of the state where you plan to pursue licensure. You can also find useful information on general teacher licensure websites, such as Teach.com. ETS.org has the testing requirements for many states.
  • Take the licensure test required for licensure in their certification area (please designate URI as a score report recipient with the code 3919)
  • Submit the test results to the COEDU database AND their faculty advisor prior to the start of the semester before student teaching (September 20th for spring student teaching and February 20th for fall student teaching)
  • Meet with their faculty advisor for advice regarding licensure testing, teacher certification, and resources if they have not met all licensure testing requirements in the semester prior to student teaching

The College of Education’s testing requirement is for advising and support only. Failing to submit a passing licensure test will not delay student teaching and/or graduation.

A NOTE ON LICENSURE: Please note that individuals seeking state licensure will need to complete ALL certification requirements prior to certification, including meeting all licensure testing requirements. All states have multiple requirements for teacher licensure, often including (1) the completion of a state-approved teacher preparation program, (2) specific licensure tests, and (3) other requirements. In completing a teacher preparation program at URI, you will have met the requirement of completing a state-approved teacher preparation program (requirement 1). Teacher candidates will need to complete all state requirements for licensure, including licensure testing, prior to certification in any state.

Licensure Testing Resources