TESOL and/or Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion

Undergraduate Track for Certification

The School of Education offers a Master’s in TESOL and Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion along with certification. Students can complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years, if you follow the 4+1 model linked here.
If you would like to complete the TESOL and/or Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion (BDL) certification as part of your undergraduate studies, and not pursue the full Master’s degree, you would follow the coursework track below.

SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FallEDC 420Second Language Acquisition and Assessment3
FallEDC 526Applied Linguistics for TESOL BDL3
SpringEDC 501*Socio-Cultural Aspects of Language Minority Education3
SpringEDC 563*Literacy for Multicultural Populations3
SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FallEDC 516Teaching Dual Language/English as a Second Language3
FallEDC 515*Structured English Immersion and Sheltered English3
Spring and/or Summer Session 1EDC 519Teaching Internship in TESOL/Dual Language Immersion
Prerequisites: EDC420, EDC526, EDC501, EDC563, EDC516 and 155 or higher on PRAXIS (5362)

*EDC 501, EDC 563, and EDC 515 are also available in the summer. Taking summer courses is optional. EDC 501 could be taken in the summer before the fall of junior year. EDC 515 could be taken in the summer before the fall of senior year.

Students can earn both TESOL and Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion certifications by completing a internship in each area. EDC 519 would be repeated for an additional 3 credits to fulfill the second certification requirement. In such cases, EDC 519 would be taken in spring and in summer session 1.

All students must take PRAXIS: English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362) and earn a 155 or higher before enrolling in EDC 519. The Office of Teacher Education needs a copy of your score before internship placement. Bilingual/Dual Language students are required to take additional language assessments for certification.

Other considerations: students can only earn a TESOL/BDL certification if a certification is held in a primary content area (e.g. early childhood education, elementary education, secondary area: English, math, social studies, sciences, and modern languages). The TESOL/BDL certification is not a stand-alone certification, so a internship cannot be completed before content area student teaching.

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their TESOL/BDL coursework. Additionally, students must meet standard in all critical performance tasks submitted via TaskStream.

Contact Amy Correia at correia@uri.edu (last name A-H), Laura Hamman-Ortiz at laura.hammanortiz@uri.edu (last name I-M) or Rabia Hos at rabiahos@uri.edu (last name N-Z) and your academic advisor if you want to add TESOL/BDL certification to your undergraduate studies or if you have additional questions about the certification.