4+1 Option in TESOL/BDL

If you want to travel the world, or make a difference right here in the U.S., teaching English is an important area of instruction that’s in high (and growing) demand. This unique 4+1 program allows URI education majors to earn a M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)/Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion (BDL) along with their bachelor’s degree, in just five years.

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Undergraduate Requirements

Complete six TESOL/BDL credits in addition to the 120 required for the B.A. Apply to the M.A. in TESOL/BDL program by April 1 of your senior year, as follows. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required to apply.

  • Fall Semester
    EDC 420: Second Language Acquisition and Assessment (3 credits)
  • Spring Semester
    EDC 563: Literacy for Multicultural Populations (3 credits)

Graduate Requirements

Transfer the six undergraduate credits listed above into the M.A. in TESOL/BDL program. Complete an additional 24 credits as to earn a total of 30 credits for the M.A. degree, as follows.

  • Summer 1
    EDC 501 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Language Minority Education (3 credits)
    EDC 5– A professional elective (3 credits)
  • Summer 2
    EDC 506 Researching Language in Educational Settings (3 credits)
    EDC 515 Structured English Immersion and Sheltered English (3 credits)
  • Fall Semester
    EDC 526 Applied Linguistics for TESOL/BDL (3 credits)
    EDC 516 Teaching Dual Language/English as a Second Language (3 credits)
  • Spring Semester
    EDC 519 Teaching Internship in TESOL/Dual Language Immersion (3 credits)
    EDC 5– A professional elective (3 credits)

Coursework is online and asynchronous, except for the Teaching Internship, which is is face-to-face.

Tuition for summer sessions is determined by state residency. Graduate tuition for fall and spring semesters is at a reduced, flat rate, regardless of residency. The fall and spring semesters follow URI’s out-of-state summer rate.

Once admitted into the M.A. in TESOL/BDL program, candidates have up to five years to complete the certification and degree. The one year schedule outlined above is how to complete in one year, but candidates have flexibility in the pacing to complete the program. For example, take one course in the fall semester if becoming a first year teacher. Contact your respective TESOL/BDL advisor with any questions.