Academic Advising

Graduation Information

To complete and submit your graduation application, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Intent to Graduate form. The form must be signed by you and your academic advisor.
  2. Complete all the curriculum sheets for your major, content area, and second major (as applicable). Meet with your College of Education faculty advisor to review your academic progress and confirm that you are ready to submit an application for graduation. Your advisor will need to sign your forms.
  3. Submit your completed graduation application packet (Intent to Graduate form and curriculum sheets) to:

Email the Office of Student Academic Services at

Graduation Application Checklist


  • Include copies of completed curriculum sheets for all majors (including majors in other colleges).
  • Check your transcript to ensure that you will have completed the minimum number of credits required for graduation.
  • Check your transcript to ensure that your cumulative GPA is at least a 2.0 (2.5 for education majors).
  • Complete and attach any pending curriculum modification forms with the required signatures.
  • Complete and submit a signed minor form (if you are pursuing a minor).
  • Submit official transcripts for any credits or degree requirements completed at another institution.
  • Check your transcript to ensure that any classes that you added or dropped late are indicated as such on the transcript.
  • Be sure to follow your catalog year when reviewing your graduation requirements.
  • If you are pursuing an additional major, please follow the graduation application process for the college where your second major is located (i.e. A&S, CELS, or CHS).
  • Schedule an academic advising appointment well in advance of the graduation application due date.
  • Scan your application materials and save as a PDF file (if you are not completing them electronically). Please do not send a photo of your forms.
  • Keep a copy of your graduation application packet for your records.
  • Make sure your packet is signed by your advisor. Any packet that does not have an advisor’s signature will be returned.