International Engineering Program


Japan’s economy is among the largest in the world, and the major Japanese companies, including Sony, Toshiba, Sanyo, Casio, Canon, Minolta, Honda, Toyota, and Mitsubishi, have become global leaders in several key industries.

As the Pacific Rim and Asia continue to increase in global importance, the relationships between the U.S. and Japan have strategic and economic significance and engineers with proficiency in Japanese will be in high demand. Furthermore, because the language is less commonly taught in the U.S., there are a number of scholarship opportunities available for students of Japanese.

Japanese IEP students will earn a B.A. in Global Language and Area Studies (GLAS), with a concentration in Japanese. This degree is designed to give you a strong basis in the Japanese language with knowledge of the history, politics, and culture of Japan.  During their year abroad students can study at one of four excellent partner institutions: Waseda University, Kyushu University, Niigata University or Okayama University, followed by a six-month paid internship at a Japanese or global company. Previous students have interned at companies such as Hexagon, Shimadzu, Toray, Nippon Advanced Technology Co. and Hokkaido System Science.

Partner Universities

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Partner Corporations


Division of Medical Bioengineering (Okayama University – Okayama)
Hexagon (various locations in Germany, Spain,
France, USA, China, Italy and Japan)
Hokkaido System Science (Sapporo)
Informatics / Natural Science, Astronomy, Space & Planetary Sciences Labs (Niigata)
Informatics / Intelligent Robotics/ Mechatronics Labs & Manufacturing Tech Labs (Niigata)

Manufacturing Tech & Electronic Materials Lab (Niigata)
Motor System Engineering, Electronic Control Engineering (Okayama)
Nippon Advanced Technology Co. (Tokai)
Shimadzu (Kyoto)
Toray (Tokyo)
Yamaida Shokuhin (Tokyo)

Additional Language Opportunity

Summer in Japan (SIJ)

Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
June – July, 4 week program
The “SIJ” is an intensive study abroad program for Japanese language and cultures. English is used as the primary medium of instruction, allowing this program to be accessible to undergraduate students in any academic field from all over the world. Along with language and culture classes, this program includes field study to build cross-cultural experiences, homestay in a local community, and a one-on-one tutor. For further information and to apply, please use this link.