Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan Program

The University of Rhode Island participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. This program includes both student Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, as well as Parent (PLUS) loans. The fixed interest rate for Parent (PLUS) loans for 2017-18 is 7% with an origination fee of 4.276%.The University receives funds directly from the U.S. Department of Education and disburses them to eligible students. You must file a FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov) for the year in which you wish to receive the loans (i.e.  2017-18) in order to be eligible for these loans. You will need your FSA ID number to complete the Master Promissory Note.


Parents borrowing through the Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan Program for the first time at URI must complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the URI supplemental Parent Loan application:

URI PLUS loan Application

  • Step 2: Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) in the parent borrower’s name at: StudentLoans.gov

    Note: A credit check* will be initiated by the University once Steps 1 and 2 are completed.


*Credit Checks: Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan borrowers will be able to authorize and initiate a credit check at any time via the “Request Direct PLUS Loan” process on the StudentLoans.gov web site. The parent borrower will receive the results of a borrower-initiated credit check immediately. The credit check decision will be good for 180 days.

  • If approved, the borrower is advised to complete a Direct Parent (PLUS) loan Master Promissory Note (MPN), unless one is already on file.
  • If not approved, the borrower is asked how they wish to proceed, such as not pursuing a Direct Parent (PLUS) loan, obtaining an endorser, or appealing the credit decision. Parents who have been determined to have “adverse” credit history or need to obtain an endorser will be notified that they must complete PLUS loan counseling.
  • Undergraduate students of parents who have been declined a Parent (PLUS) loan may be eligible for additional Unsubsidized loans. Please contact Enrollment Services to request this additional student loan.

Note: Returning Parent (PLUS) loan applicants with a Master Promissory Note (MPN) on file need only complete a FAFSA and Step 1 each year.

If you are having issues logging onto the URI Supplemental Parent Loan site: Close your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) by clicking in the X in the top right corner of your screen. Then reopen your web browser in one window only.  Internet Explorer works best.  Navigate to www.uri.edu/enrollment and follow the link under Financial Aid to the Parent Plus Loan Application.

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