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* URI/RIC Ph.D. in Education forms can be found on the School of Education website.

Student Forms

All Degrees

All DegreesGraduate School Petition to Appeal the Add or Drop Deadline
All DegreesGuide to Applying for Graduation Using e-Campus
All DegreesLast Semester Status Request Form (Domestic students)
All DegreesLeave of Absence Application
All DegreesNomination for Graduation Form
All DegreesPermanent Withdrawal Application
All DegreesPrior Approval for Off-Campus Study
All Degrees Reduced Course Load Application (International students)
All Degrees Reinstatement Application
All DegreesRequest for Intellectual Opportunity Credits
All DegreesRequest for Graduate Credit Override
All DegreesRequest to Change or Add a Degree Program


DoctoralAll But Dissertation Status Agreement (ABD)
DoctoralDissertation Format Guidelines
DoctoralDissertation Proposal Approval Form
DoctoralDoctor of Business Administration Signature/ ApprovalPage
DoctoralDoctor of Philosophy Dissertation Signature/ ApprovalPage
DoctoralEstablishment of a Committee
DoctoralDoctoral Proposal: see Brochure on this Page
DoctoralGuide to Applying for Graduation Using e-Campus
DoctoralLast Semester Status Request Form
DoctoralLibrary Rights Statement
DoctoralNomination for Graduation Form
DoctoralProgram of Study - Master's & Doctoral
DoctoralRequest to Schedule an Oral Defense
DoctoralRequest to Schedule the Written and Oral Doctoral Comprehensive Examination


All MastersGuide to Applying for Graduation Using e-Campus
All MastersNomination for Graduation Form
Non-ThesisProgram of Study - Master's & Doctoral


Thesis-BasedEstablishment of a Committee
Thesis-BasedGuide to Applying for Graduation Using e-Campus
Thesis-BasedLast Semester Status Request Form
Thesis-BasedLibrary Rights Statement
Thesis-BasedMaster of Arts Thesis Signature/Approval Cover Page
Thesis-BasedMaster of Science Thesis Signature/Approval Cover Page
Thesis-BasedProgram of Study - Master's & Doctoral
Thesis-BasedNomination for Graduation Form
Thesis-BasedRequest to Schedule an Oral Defense
Thesis-BasedThesis Format Guidelines
Thesis-BasedThesis Proposal Approval Form


CertificateGuide to Applying for Graduation Using e-Campus
CertificateNomination for Graduation Form – Certificate Program
CertificateProgram of Study - Certificates & Stackables
CertificateReinstatement Application

Approved Stackable Certificate Programs

ProgramProgram DirectorPhone NumberEmail
MPA - Masters Public AdministrationAaron Ley(401)
MPS - Masters of Professional StudiesColleen Mouw(401)
MEM - Masters of Environmental ManagementLaura Skrobe(401)
PSM - Professional Science MastersColleen Mouw(401)

Faculty Forms

Adobe Graduate Form Resources

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