Professional Science Masters

Unlock your potential by blending science expertise and professional leadership to solve tomorrow’s challenges.


The Professional Science Masters (PSM) program combines business or public-sector courses with a science certificate. This program is a non-thesis graduate program that prepares students through coursework that develops professional leadership skills and discipline-specific expertise applicable in rapidly evolving scientific fields.

The courses that comprise this 30 to 33-credit degree help students develop practical interpersonal, leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills in order to apply them successfully in a specific area of study.

Graduates are equipped with both technical expertise and practical skills, making them valuable assets in industries such as:

  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Data analysis


The PSM requires the completion of a graduate certificate in a science field, four professional courses, at least one capstone/practicum, and an additional relevant graduate-level course(s) from the URI Online portfolio as elective with Program Director approval.

Professional Courses
BUS502 – Leadership
The course introduces basic principles and theories of leadership, explores the concepts of emotional intelligence, communication, motivation, accountability, interprofessional team building and leadership development.

BUS506 – Operations and Project Management
The course is devoted to the factors that impact the design, improvement, and management of operations and project management.

BUS509 – Law and Ethics
The course introduces basic legal and ethical principles that are relevant in industry.

BUS515 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practicum
This course applies business concepts in an experiential setting.

Tuition per credit based on 2024/2025 academic year rates (subject to change): $887


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • College transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of purpose
    • Interest in program
    • Relevant work experience
    • Reasons for applying to the online program at URI
    • Professional goals, as well as plans for achieving these goals

Fall 2024 Dates

7/30Application Deadline
9/3Classes Begin

Areas of Focus

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Career Opportunities

Advance your career with URI Online.

URI Online’s Professional Science Masters can open doors to diverse and rewarding career opportunities at the intersection of science and business. Whether pursuing roles in research, project management, consulting, or entrepreneurship, PSM graduates are well-prepared to excel in dynamic and rapidly evolving fields.

A GIS professional looks at a geospatial technology software on their computer.

Biotechnology Project Manager

Organizes research and development projects, ensuring timelines, budgets, and quality standards are met.


Conducts experiments, analyze data, and contribute to the development of new drugs or therapies.

Quality Assurance

Establishes and maintain squality standards for products or processes, ensuring consistency and compliance with regulations.

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