GSO Class of 2012


The Graduate School of Oceanography congratulates its newest graduates.

Complete video coverage of the 2012 Graduate Commencement Ceremony can be found at:

The GSO class of 2012:

Michael Brennan, PhD
“Cultural Sites as Platforms for Environmental Characterization of Marine Landscapes”
Major Professor: Robert Ballard

Chris Bumpus, Master of Oceanography (M.O.)

Kiersten Curti, PhD
“Age-Structured Multispecies Model of the Georges Bank Fish Community”
Major Professor: Jeremy Collie

Alicia Caporaso, PhD
“A New Maritime Archaeological Landscape Formation Model: Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary”
Major Professor: Robert Ballard

Kelsey Druken, PhD
“Plumes-Slab Interaction Driven by Rollback Subduction”
Major Professor: Chris Kincaid

Jessica Poetzsch, M.O.

Jason Krumholz, PhD
“Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Nutrient Standing Stock and Mass Balance in Response to Load Reductions in a Temperate Estuary”
Major Professor: Candace Oviatt

Monique LaFrance M.S.
“Integration of Biotic and Abiotic Data to Map Benthic Habitats within Block Island and Rhode Island Sounds”
Major Professor: John King

Caitlyn Lawrence, M.S.
“The Effect of Protistan Grazing in a Coastal Estuary: Seasonal Signal of Plankton Community Composition and Environmental Conditions”
Major Professor: Susanne Menden-Deuer

Qianqian Liu, M.S.
“A Modeling Study of the Seasonal Variability of the Circulation in Rhode Island Sound”
Major Professor: Lew Rothstein

René Olsen, M.S.
“Hydrothermal Mineralization at a Submarine Island Arc Volcano, Kick ‘em Jenny, Lesser Antilles Island Arc”
Major Professor: Steve Carey

Matt Remington, M.O.

Scott Stachelhaus, PhD
“An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Radium Isotopes as Tracers of Coastal Processes”
Major Professor: Brad Moran

Michael St. Laurent, M.S.
“Thermodynamic Fluxes in the Undisturbed Tropical Marine Boundary Layer”
Major Professor: John Merrill

Nobuhiro Suzuki, PhD
“Impact of Breaking Waves Form Drag on Near-Surface Turbulence and Drag Coefficient Over Young Seas at High Winds”
Major Professor: Tetsu Hara

Nathan Vinhateiro, PhD
“Mechanisms of Shoreline Change on the Rhode Island South Coast: Past, Present, and Future”
Major Professor: John King

Jessica Worst, M.S.
“Long-Term Monitoring of the NW Atlantic Through Altimetry and an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler”
Major Professor: Kathy Donohue

Henry Wladkowski, M.S.
“Assessing Light Mediated Behavioral Response of the Dinoflagellate Akashiwo sanguinea (Hirasaka)”
Major Professor: Susanne Menden-Deuer

Stephanie Zamorski, M.S.
“Kuroshio Extension Meanders: Model Data Comparison”
Major Professor: Kathy Donohue