New Website About Climate Change Launched


Looking for a “down to earth” explanation of the highly complex phenomena of climate change?  Look no further than Rhode Island’s Climate Challenge: Waves of Change, a new website.

Developed by a Rhode Island Sea Grant funded interdisciplinary team, guides people through the reality of climate change: the environmental changes we are already seeing, the impacts to our economy and the social fabric of our communities, and actions people can take to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. This multi-media site uses cartoons, animated videos, music and video interviews, as well as extensive science-backed information, to provide a user-friendly exploration of climate change for the general public.  A viewer-response section will address their questions and comments.

The website focuses primarily on the changes and impacts in Rhode Island, but also contains general information applicable to communities in coastal states across the country. Waves of Change spotlights Rhode Island research and initiatives so area residents learn what is going on in their state. Coastal communities across the nation can look to Rhode Island for progressive thinking and action regarding climate change.

“Rhode Islanders need the best information available as they adapt to coastal erosion, higher risk from storm surge, shifting seasons and fisheries, and other effects related to climate change,” said Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Co-Chair of the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change in the U.S. Congress. “This website can be an important tool in educating our families and communities about what to expect and how to respond to the challenges of climate change.”