Student Resources

College of Arts and Sciences Forms

Students must submit intent to graduate forms (also called file for degree forms). An advisor from the History Department must sign this form before you take it to the dean’s office.

The deadlines for these forms are:

  • October 1 for May graduation
  • April 1 for August graduation
  • August 1 for December graduation

If you are graduating with a double major, you must file two intent to graduate forms, one for each major. You will need to see an advisor in the other major as well as an advisor in history.

All forms are available on line at College of Arts and Sciences forms or in the History Department’s main office, Washburn 113. For study abroad approvals you may contact Dr. Robert Widell directly.

National History Honor Society
Phi Alpha Theta
Contact Professor Robert Widell <>

History Department Advisors

Please email advisors to make an appointment. Phone messages may be unreliable during the COVID-19 epidemic. If in doubt, email Professor Christian Gonzales <> or contact him via Starfish, or email Professor Robert Widell <>.


African American History and 20th Century US History
Professor Robert Widell or 401.874.2112

European History, Fascism, and Empire
Professor Michael Ortiz or 401.874.4091 

Ancient History and Underwater Archaeology
Professor Bridget Buxton or 401.874.4085

Early American and Native American History
Professor Christian Gonzales or 401.874.5642 

History of Science and Medicine
Professor Andrea Rusnock or 401.874.9021

Labor and Environmental History of the US
Professor Erik Loomis or 401.874.4078

Latin American History and Environmental History
Professor Ximena Sevilla or 401.874.4901

Maritime History, Underwater Archaeology and Applied History
Professor Rod Mather or 401.874.4093

Medieval History
Professor Joëlle Rollo-Koster or 401.874.2595

Rhode Island History, Applied History and Colonial America
Professor Catherine DeCesare or 401.874.4090

Twentieth-century US, Religion, and Immigration
Professor Evelyn Sterne or 401.874.4074

Twentieth-century Women’s and Gender history 
Professor Jessica Frazier or 401.874.4092