As a member of the Honors Program at URI, you’ll join the ranks of influential faculty, students and alumni who have made an impact across many disciplines, locally, nationally and around the world.

Current Students

  • A photo of Maya Sophia Galeano holding a lamb Maya Sophia Galeano ’24 - Maya Sophia Galeano is an Honors student studying Animal Science. She is currently working on her Honors Project, which will be presented on May 1st in the 2024 Honors Showcase.
  • A photo of Mary Brantley, an Honors student Mary Brantley ’26 - Mary Brantley is an Honors Student studying Marine Biology and Marine Affairs, and is also one of our Honors Ambassadors. 
  • Image of Morgan Beck, an Honors student Morgan Beck ’26 - Morgan Beck is a native Rhode Islander studying Physics and Applied Mathematics, and minoring in French.
  • Image of Kiley George, an Honors student Kiley George ’26 - Kiley George is a second generation college student from Bridgewater, MA, studying in the Marine Affairs and Political Science programs
  • Lauren Peckham '25, Honors Student Ambassador Lauren Peckham ’25 - Lauren Peckham is a student getting a double-degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice and Criminology. She is also an Honors Student Ambassador.
  • Student Sophie Herrman is featured with her tennis gear Sophie Herrman ’26 - Sophie Herrman '26 is a second-year student completing the Cell and Molecular Biology program and minoring in Psychology. Sophie is a member of URI's Division I Tennis Team and is a representative of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.
  • Hollie Johnson '24 with her cat, meatball Hollie Johnson ’24 - Hollie Johnson is a senior studying Psychology and Criminology & Criminal Justice, and is currently the student employee in the Honors office.
  • Lina Al Taan Al Hariri Lina Al Taan Al Hariri ’24 - Lina Al Taan Al Hariri, Truman and Gilman Scholar, shares her advice to students considering Honors and applying for fellowships at URI.
  • Stephen Coutu '24 Stephen Coutu ’24 - Stephen is an English and Psychology double major who transferred to URI from CCRI. He leads the Honors Student Advisory Board.


  • River Stories - Professor Heather Johnson’s HPR 412 students examine rivers through history, culture, literature, and ecology. And they gain firsthand knowledge of rivers by going straight to the source.
  • URI Police Corporal Paul Hanrahan teaching students to "Stop the Bleed" as part of Citizen's Response to Active Shooter Event training, part of Dan Graney's Behavioral Threat Assessment class. Dan Graney: Behavioral Threat Assessment: Managing the Pathway to Violence - Dr. Dan Graney, URI's Dean of Students, explains how he is uniquely qualified to teach his course, "Behavioral Threat Assessment: Managing the Pathway to Violence", and why this course is so important for students.
  • Prof Tom Zorabedian is photgraphed with several students from his J-Term course at South County Cinemas Thomas Zorabedian - Prof. Tom Zorabedian shares details of his upcoming J-Term course "Experiencing Film in Rhode Island."
  • Cynthia Taylor Cynthia Taylor - What is your connection is to URI? I completed my BA (Anthropology) and PhD (Biology/Science Education) at URI and have been teaching here since 2008. But my connection to URI runs much deeper! I grew up about 10 minutes away in Exeter, RI and my mom worked for the University for over 30 years. So […]
  • Prof Kathleen McIntyre Kathleen McIntyre - Prof. Kathleen McIntyre shares how she plans to use her Demers scholarship award and why other faculty and students should pursue similar awards.


  • Picture of Maggie Hill, an Honors alumni Maggie Hill ’23 - Maggie Hill '23 is studying Pharmaceutical Sciences and is part of URI's Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program (ABM) program. Her area of focus is marine microbials and their potential usage in medicine.
  • Emma Rousseau ’23 - Emma Rousseau '23 is a student who double-majored in Gender and Women's Studies and Sociology. Learn how the Honors Program has helped her make connections with her professors and look at topics in a new way.
  • Picture of Jenn Pigoga, an Honors alumni Jenn Pigoga ’15 - Jenn Pigoga is a URI alumni who has went on to receive a MSc in Emergency Medicine - University of Cape Town, a MPH in Epidemiology, and a PhD in Public Health with concentration in emergency care. Learn how Honors was pivotal to her career.
  • Picture of Aidan Boving, an Honors alumni Aidan Boving ’23 - Aidan Boving '23 is a native Rhode Islander from Richmond studying Health Sciences and Cell and Molecular Biology. Learn how the Honors Program has helped Aidan become more well-rounded and has exposed him to diverse ideas.
  • An image of Toni Simmons, an Honors alumni Toni Simmons ’23 - Toni Simmons is a recent URI graduate who majored in Psychology and English. Learn how about how her Honors classes Helped her become a well-rounded individual and helped her get out of her comfort zone.
  • Image of Yuvi Cambero, an Honors alumni, working in one of URI's greenshouses Yuvi Cambero ’23 - Yuvi Cambero is a Honors student who majored in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems as well as Plant Sciences. Learn how the Honors Colloquium helped her create connections with industry professionals and and let her get hands-on with areas of research that interested her.
  • Autumn Guillotte ’18 - Autumn Guillotte graduated in 2018 after studying History and Philosophy, and also became a Truman scholar during her time at URI. Learn about her experiences with Honors that helped her forge her own path.
  • Gisel Bello ’13 - Gisel Bello graduated in 2013 from the Biological Sciences program focusing in Biochemistry. Currently. she is an OB-GYN resident. Learn how she grew into her role as an Honors Student and the guidance that helped her on a winding path to where she is today.
  • Lionel Jeffries ’22 - Lionel Jeffries graduated in 2022 with a double major in English and Film. Learn how he has taken his experiences from URI to create an amazing feature film.
  • Marisa DeCollibus ’17 - Marissa DeCollibus graduated in 2017 and received a B.S. in Psychology and a Minor in Education. Learn how she connected with Honors professors and how she continues to work with URI professors.
  • Sam Foer ’20 - Learn how Honors helped Sam build a strong personal narrative and Sam's sage advice for incoming students.
  • Michaela Maynard ’07 - Michaela Maynard, who graduated in 2007, was introduced into the world of public health through Honors, which changed her entire career trajectory.
  • Jenna Ziegelmayer ’18 - Learn how Honors guided Jenna, a triple major in Writing & Rhetoric, Communication Studies, and Spanish, towards the Fulbright program, which led her to "fall into teaching".
  • Dr. Jordan Bessette ’12 - Jordan Bessette graduated in 2012 with degrees in French and Spanish. Learn how Jordan became a more critical thinker with the Honors Program, which helped him create an amazing dissertation.
  • Vanessa Garcia Polanco '18 Vanessa Garcia Polanco ’18 - Honors Alum Vanessa Garcia Polanco shares what made her time in the program so special.
  • Gillian Hodge at Honors Poster Conference Gillian Hodge ’23 - The Honors Program helped Gillian Hodge gain a more holistic education, and gain opportunities she would not normally have access to.
  • Brandon Lovejoy Brandon Lovejoy ’19 - As a Fulbright Scholar and triple major at URI, Brandon Lovejoy shares about the experiences that led him to the Yale School of Drama.
  • Africa Smith Africa Smith ’18 - Africa Smith talks about her time in the Honors Program and shares why study abroad is so important to better understanding cultures.