Summer Housing

Summer Housing 2024

Brookside Hall will be used for summer housing. If demand exceeds capacity, we may expand to other similar style buidlings. Summer Housing Application will be available in MyHousing on March 1, 2024.

SessionDatesCost Apply ByAssignments PostedMove InMove Out
Spring Interim Housing/Senior Week5/10-5/20No charge4/26/245/3/245/10/245/20/24
Summer Session 15/19-6/22$1,325 (single with a/c)5/3/245/10/245/19/246/22/24
Summer Session 26/23-7/27$1,325 (single with a/c)6/7/246/14/246/23/247/27/24
Post-Summer Session*7/28-8/16$757 (single with a/c)7/12/247/19/247/28/248/16/24
Transition Week**Transition Day 8/16 (extra fees apply)

* This option is only available to individuals with a Summer Session 2 housing assignment unless otherwise authorized by Housing and Residential Life.

** Students without an academic year 2024-2025 room assignment MUST move out of any summer assignment by this date (8/16/2024). Failure to do so may result in a daily charge of $50.


Spring Interim Housing / Senior Week Criteria

Students must meet at least one of the criteria below:

  1. Graduating Seniors who are living in the residence halls at the end of the Spring housing semester
  2. Student employees who are living in the residence halls at the end of the Spring housing semester and who are required to work during this week
  3. Student Commencement workers/participants who are living in the residence halls at the end of the Spring housing semester and who need to live on-campus between the close of residence halls and commencement ceremonies
  4. Students who are living in the residence halls at the end of the Spring housing semester and who are transitioning to Summer Session 1 housing.

Students currently living in Brookside Hall may be required to relocate to an alternative space during this period. More information will be provided.

To apply for Spring Interim Housing / Senior Week, log in to MyApps, select MyHousing, and complete the Spring Interim Housing – Senior Week application.

Extended Spring Season Athlete Housing

Any student athlete whose competitive season extends beyond the end of the spring semester (i.e. Baseball, Women’s Rowing, Men & Women’s Track and Field, and Softball) will be housed, as coordinated through Athletics, in a location to be determined.

Dates: As needed
Cost: TBD
Location: TBD

To apply for Extended Spring Season Athlete Housing, log in to MyApps, select MyHousing, and complete the Athlete Extended Season application.

Summer Housing Criteria – Matriculated students

Students must meet at least one of the criteria below for each of the sessions housed:

  1. Students taking at least one URI summer class
  2. URI Students participating in summer internships (All internships not affiliated with URI must be verified by the host institution)
  3. Students who work for URI 20+ hours per week at the Kingston or Narragansett Bay campuses
  4. URI Students with housing insecurity or inability to safely return home, as coordinated through the Dean of Students Office

For any student applying for Student First Fund relief, it is your responsibility to follow the Student First Fund application process prior to moving in. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for review and determination.

To apply for Summer Housing as a matriculated student, log in to MyApps, select MyHousing, and complete the Summer Housing Application.

Summer Housing Criteria – Non-Matriculated Individuals

A non-matriculated individual undertaking an internship at/or sponsored by URI who otherwise would not be affiliated with URI– affiliation will be confirmed by HRL.

To apply for Summer Housing as non-matriculated individual, please complete this form.

Notes: Non-matriculated individuals will not have access to the cancellation form indicated below. Please contact Housing Customer Service for assistance with cancellation requests.


Please visit the Dining Services website for more information on dining options for summer on-campus residents.

Room Assignments & Occupancy

Due to the accelerated summer schedule room/suite mate requests cannot be accepted.  It is the Department of Housing and Residential Life’s (HRL’s) prerogative to assign residents to their respective buildings and rooms to achieve the highest and best use of available space. Summer Housing staff may consolidate room assignments after the end of Summer Session 2 for building maintenance and preparation purposes.

All students must vacate their assigned room at the time that their eligibility and/or occupancy period expires.Students who are approved to remain in Summer Housing through Transition Day and who live in the residence halls during the academic year will be able to move directly into their academic year room assignment on August 16, 2024.

Students who will not be living in the residence halls for the 2024 Fall semester must make alternative housing arrangements between Transition Day and the start of the school year. Alternative housing resources are: Fraternity Manager’s Association or the Commuter Affairs Office.

Move-In Information

Move-In Information is included in the email you will receive with your housing assignment.

Billing & Payment Information

A housing deposit is not required for Summer Housing.

Students are billed for the entire session(s) they have indicated on their application form. In most cases, matriculated student Summer Housing fees are submitted to Enrollment Services and are included on the Summer School bill (see Enrollment Service’s website for more information on their billing cycles, payment due dates, etc). 

Some students have their housing paid through grants and/or the department for which they are employed. The Summer Housing Office bills these departments directly. Students who have this arrangement with their respective employers should have their names submitted on a list sent to the Summer Housing Office, by their employer, prior to April 30th.  Students staying outside the approved dates specified by the department will be charged directly.

Non-matriculated individuals will be billed directly.  Payment must be rendered in full prior to check in.  Payment instructions will be provided on the invoice.


Summer Housing may be canceled on a daily prorated basis if completed by the deadlines:

  • Summer Session 1: 5/21/24 cancellation deadline
  • Summer Session 2: 6/25/24 cancellation deadline
  • Post-Summer Session 2: 7/30/24 cancellation deadline

Students must move out all their belongings and submit a cancellation request by 4:30 pm by the dates above in order to receive a daily prorated refund or bill adjustment. Move outs and cancellation requests received after the listed deadline will not be entitled to a refund/adjustment and will be billed for the entire session in which they’re canceling.

To access Summer Housing Cancellation Form:

  • Log into MyApps
  • Select MyHousing.
  • Click on “Applications/Forms”
  • Select and complete the Summer Housing Cancellation Form

Office Hours and Staff Availability

Summer Housing office hours are posted in the lobby of each summer housing building. There is a Resident Assistant on-call after hours each night – contact info is also posted around the building.

Exceptions to any of the above policies are at the sole discretion of Housing and Residential Life.

Student Status

Each Summer Housing resident must adhere to the 2023-2024 Housing Agreement, the 2023-2024 Housing and Residential Life Community Policies Addendum and the criteria as listed above. Violations of community standards or inappropriate behavior in and around any residence may result in the loss of one’s ability to live on campus as well as the loss of their employment (if applicable).

Disability Accommodations

URI is committed to accessibility for all residents. Learn more about Undergraduate Housing Accommodations.