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Step 4: Form Groups (Room Selection Process Invitees Only)

As a Room Selection process invitee, you may search for and choose your assignment by yourself (as a group of one) or with a group of other Room Selection process invitees. The maximum number of Room Selection process invitees that can be in your group, including yourself, is five. You’ll want to make sure that all requests are reciprocal, i.e., roommates you select must also select you and each other person in the group to create a “fully matched group.”

You may add members to, or delete members from, your group until your group selects a housing assignment or the Room Selection process ends (whichever occurs first). This will give you group-size flexibility in case space for a group of your size runs out before your group selects a housing assignment. Incomplete group member matches will prevent your group’s ability to select your desired location for next year. It’s worth double-checking!

Creating a group of a certain size does not guarantee you will be able to select a housing assignment in a preferred location. There will be available housing assignments for you, but preferred locations may fill up before you select a space, and you will have to select a different location to secure a housing assignment. Alternatively, you may need to adjust your group size to secure a housing assignment.

Additionally, being in a group of one (selecting an assignment by yourself) does not guarantee you will be able to select a designated single room for yourself. Spaces for groups of one to select usually run out early in the Room Selection process, but there will still be space for you! You will have the opportunity at the end of the Room Selection process to select half of a double room while another student selects the other available bed in the room.