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Step 5: Select Your Assignment (Room Selection Process Invitees Only)

As a Room Selection process invitee, you will be given a specific date and time when you can select your housing assignment. The order of selection times will be in descending order of earned cumulative credits when comparing everyone in the self-selection pool. This means the students invited to Room Selection with the most earned cumulative credits (i.e., Rising Seniors) will have the earliest pick times.

Your selection time is the earliest you can select your assignment, but you have until the end of the Room Selection period to select. Of course, the earlier you select, the more options are likely to be available. If another member of your group has an earlier selection time, they can select for everyone in your group.

Spaces in suites (Eddy) and apartments (Brookside, Garrahy, Gateway, and Wiley) are considered mixed-gender. If you select one of these options, students of other genders may select any remaining spaces in the suite or apartment. For example, a group of five students may select five rooms in a 10-person suite while a group of five other students, not necessarily of the same gender, select the remaining five rooms.

Spaces for specific group sizes do run out; there are no late releases of housing inventory. Initially, you will only see building and room options that exactly match the size of your group; e.g., a group of 4 matched students cannot see or select 5-person options. If you or your group goes to select an assignment and no options are available, there is still room for you! You’ll want to first try adjusting your group size by adding or deleting members. Otherwise, at the end of the Room Selection process, you will have the opportunity to select and partially fill any remaining available spaces while others select and fill the spaces around you.

Choose wisely! Once you or your group selects an assignment, no immediate changes will be made. There will be a Room Change Request form available in May/June (details to be emailed later). Or you may entirely cancel your housing assignment, incurring charges according to the 2024-2025 Housing Cancellation Policy.

Residence HallMatched Group Size (to completely fill space*)
Aldrich Hall124

Burnside Hall


Coddington Hall


Dorr Hall


Eddy Hall


Ellery Hall


Hopkins Hall

Hutchinson Hall***1
Merrow Hall***1
Peck Hall***1
Tucker Hall***1
Garrahy Hall ****15
Gateway Apartments 234
Wiley Hall ****15

*Partial-fill of spaces will not occur until Mar. 27.

**Eddy: 10-person units will be filled by two groups of five.

****Hutchinson, Merrow, Peck and Tucker singles available.

****Garrahy/Wiley: 4-person units will be filled by four groups of one. 10-person units will be filled by two groups of five.

******Brookside has over 70 4-person units. The nine 6-person units will be selected only by matched groups of three.