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URI Procedural Manual

Table of Contents

The personnel policies and procedures within are in addition to or in clarification
of the Board of Governor’s Personnel Policy Manual and the State of Rhode Island Personnel Rules.

The University personnel policies do not conflict with existing collective bargaining contracts.
If any conflicts arise, applicable to a union employee, the contract will prevail and such conflict
will be brought to the attention of the Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Administration.


1.1     Candidate’s Travel

1.2     Employment of Relatives and Minors

1.3     Guidelines for Advertising/Recruitment/Hiring

1.4     Guidelines for Posting

1.5     Intergovernmental Personnel Act

1.6     Limited Period Positions

1.7     Internal Payroll

1.8     Nepotism and Conflict of Interest

1.10   Request for New Positions

1.11   Student Employment

1.12   Pre-Employment Security Records Check


2.1     Survivor Benefits

2.2     Fringe Benefit Eligibility

2.3     Temporary Faculty Eligibility for Employee Benefits

2.4     Personal Leave Days

2.5     Sick Leave

2.6     Tuition Waiver

2.7     Vacation (Annual Leave)

2.8     Life-Threatening Illnesses

2.9     Maternity Leave Policy

2.10   Cobra Continuation Coverage


3.1      Release Time and Additional Compensation for Course Work and Seminars for Non-Faculty Employees

3.2      Additional Compensation for Credit and Non-Credit Activity Beyond Normal Full-Time Faculty

3.3      Advance Sick Leave

3.4      Compensatory Time

3.5      Standard of Conduct of Employees

3.6      Discipline and Discharge Due Process

3.7      Employee Assistance Program

3.8      Employee Orientation

3.9      Exit Interviews

3.10    Working Out of Classifications

3.11    Grievance Procedure

3.12    Layoffs

3.13    Leave of Absence Without Pay for Classified Employees

3.14    Overtime Pay

3.15    Policy and Procedures Applicable to Operations and Maintenance Personnel (to be developed)

3.16    Policy and Procedures for Snow Storms and Certain Emergencies

3.17    Promotion

3.18    Release time for Course Work and Seminars

3.19    Resignation

3.20    Retirement

3.21    Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy

3.22    Work-Related Injury/Incident Procedure

3.23    Attendance Control

3.24    Sabbatical Leave/Educational Leave for Eligible Non-Classified, Non-Faculty Staff

3.25    Applications for Sabbatical Leave for Faculty

3.26    Non-Classified Probationary Performance Evaluation

3.27    Drug-Free Workplace

3.28    Drug-Free Workplace (State)


3.30    Reasonable Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities



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