About the Innovation Labs

The URI Library Innovation Labs is a strategic initiative designed to meet the increasing demand for real-world applications and opportunities for students, faculty, and the community. Through multiple points of entry, we are building a value-added network of entrepreneurial innovation across URI.

7Multidisciplinary Lab Spaces
40% Students Using Labs as Academic Supplement
23URI Department Collaborations
5Outside Partnerships Established
“Our goal is to give students the opportunity to pursue their passions, unlock new possibilities, and gain the confidence to achieve their goals they might not have initially believed possible.”
Jim McGwin

Labs’ Focus

Our 2023-2024 Strategic Plan

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The URI Library Innovation Labs often host events aimed at helping students build new skills, grow their business, or simply learn something new. Our events inspire, educate, and connect individuals in the URI community and throughout our Innovation ecosystem.

Our Upcoming Events

Workshops, panels, and showcases for innovators at URI

URInvolved Events

Academics play a pivotal role in the function of the Innovation Labs. Students use lab spaces as an academic supplement for experimentation, research, and creating projects. There are multiple opportunities to receive school credit through both independent studies and classes offered through the Innovation Labs.

For-Credit Opportunities

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