Sophomores Pilot Entrepreneurial App at URI

As business majors, Andrew Bikash and Ben Grossman were inspired to create their own business – an app named Kanu – and to help foster what they describe as an entrepreneurial spirit among their URI peers. Bikash describes the founding of the app as “an entrepreneurial brainstorming session.” With Andrew and Ben’s involvement, Professor Nancy Forster-Holt has integrated the KANU platform into the BUS149 class (Intro to Entrepreneurship), where students are encouraged to start and launch a campus-based business as a “side hustle.” Eventually, they hope Kanu will spread to other college campuses.

The two entrepreneurs are thrilled that URI students will have the chance to be the first to test the new sharing economy app Kanu—a blending of the words can and you, stylized as “kan” and “u.”

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