Vision Statement

The University of Rhode Island Libraries, utilizing the newest technologies, will insure optimum access to, and delivery of, information for the University and State of Rhode Island. As partners in the teaching, research, and service missions of the University, the libraries will continue to acquire, organize, and preserve materials in all formats and provide instruction in their use.

University Libraries – Academic Division

The University of Rhode Island Libraries are an academic division of the University, serving the knowledge and information needs of the University Community and the general public, and consist of the Robert L. Carothers Library and Learning Commons in Kingston, and the Pell Marine Science Library at the Narragansett Bay Campus.

Library faculty provide materials and services across campuses, including providing for-credit instruction, collaborating with faculty across disciplines to provide targeted class-specific instruction, and selecting print and electronic resources in accordance with the University’s mission.

Diversity Statement

May 1994, rev. Aug. 2006