The Library Inscriptions – Psyches

Over the inner entrance doors is a panel with the phrase

Ψ Υ Χ Η Σ    Ι Α Τ Ρ Ε Ι Ο Ν


[ Healing-Place of the Soul ]

Image of inscription PSYCHES IATREION

The phrase was reported by Hecataeus of Abdera, a historian of the early third century B.C., to be an inscription on the sacred library of the tomb complex of Osymandyas (Ramses II), at Thebes. It is quoted by Diodorus Siculus (Diodorus of Sicily) in his Library of History (Biblioqhks Istorikhs), Book I, paragraph 49, line 3 (Loeb Library, Greek authors, volume I, pages 172-3.)

The surface of the panel of Indiana buff limestone, measuring 10 feet by 16 inches, was given a hand tooled texture. The style of the lettering is based on the classical Greek majuscule typical of the Golden Age. The letters were cut to an 85º angle and darkened by a coat of transparent gray stain.

This panel and the two adjacent panels were installed in late July, 1993.

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